I’ve been blessed to be on a Yoga retreat in Morocco teaching and sharing my gifts of light with the wonderful people here for the past 2 weeks.. My Spirit daughter Melanie Richards, who is the owner of Happy Tree Yoga in Montreal decided it was time to pull a retreat together where people can share and unfold in a sacred space, in a country with so much to offer the senses and taste buds. What a magical place to transform.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I’ve had such deep revelations while I’ve been here, lessons of light, and how spirit moves that I wanted to share with you as I am living it so you too can benefit through my experience.

We all have a chance every day to live a life of bliss. The key is being/staying open and ready. By doing this you become a vehicle to the magic unfolding not only in yourself and your immediate life, but also in those around you.

We all have the opportunity, each one of us to step into a place of Grace. Where the beauty of our soul ignites with life to remind us and experience itself through us toward our ultimate awakening potential. Manifesting in motion is what I call it.

There is so much love just waiting to flow into your life and all you need to do is be open to it. Yes friends, it really is THAT simple.

Since I’ve been here I’ve been open fully to those around me and how I can be of service. That is the first step of magic. Being open to give. My experiences here have show me when people are ready, it is then they will receive their awaiting transformations.

It is a magic.
It is a healing.
It is a freedom like no other.
It is a joy.
It is a love.

A love embedded in the light of each of us waiting to shine. When we’re calling from within to transform the self. It is a Divine moment of true love just awaiting to be expressed. Meet your light and through the willingness to inspire your heart you find your soul. Await nothing. Await no one. Just listen to what life is sharing with you in the manifestations in motion.

“Love more Lisa” is all I have heard since I’ve been here in Morocco. Give more of it. Receive more of it. Highlight love in your life. I’m in amazement and complete connection with all that is. My gratefulness is in the forefront. Don’t forget to manifest in motion by going to new places and space in yourself and in your life.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone. This is where the magic happens. This is where you grow, this is where you transform. Take yourself out of your normal state and reach for an intended one such as…

Satisfying your senses
Giving more love
Receiving more soul

Focus on something new and open that which you intend to manifest and make it a new aspect of you to explore. Enjoy your life please, you don’t have as much time as you may think.

You must do it now say YES to life, and YES to you!

Much love