Still not manifesting magic? Well, maybe your limiting beliefs are getting in the way.

In my work with small business owners and professionals I often hear variations of the same complaint. “I have too many responsibilities.” “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t The list goes on but for now – let’s look at this three common complaints more closely.

I have too many responsibilities Is that true? Were you brought up in a strict home where chores came before everything else and by the time you were done with chores and homework there was no time for yourself? Or, maybe you like to give yourself away more than you can afford to, helping out the neighbor, volunteering, driving your kids everywhere all the time. There is a belief that is blocking you from organizing, managing and restructuring how you spend your time to fit in some constructive and leisure “me” time.

I’ll never have enough money Beliefs about “not having enough…” of anything usually means you are carrying with an experience from the past. Maybe you grew up poor or in a household with a modest income. Maybe your parents had money but weren’t generous or maybe they blew it on drugs, alcohol or gambling. Whatever that ghost from the past is telling you it is not supporting you in who and where you are at today. And where you want to be financially. But by changing that belief to one that supports the you that you are today and the goals you have for yourself for your future.

But my limitations are real! Of course they are silly! Because you told yourself they are they become your reality. When people come to me they are stuck in stories that they believe because it’s what they were told, “you’re bad at math, you’re so disorganized, you’re lazy, you’re promiscuous, you’re this and you’re that…” and we believe the things we hear about ourselves and those are the stories that unfold as we go about our lives.

Knowing what your beliefs are is a source of strength that you need in order to have the final say on what patterns you agree to that will define your life. Make a commitment to do what it takes, saying YES to you, to truth, to dreams to your heart’s desires. You owe it to yourself and all that you truly need to do, to begin the journey of joy and using the power of replacing limiting beliefs with supporting ones so you can get what you want out of life.

It’s magical.