Have you heard about energy leaks? Let’s talk about it!

What is an Energy Leak?

An energy leak is a problem or issue that drains your energy and potential. Energy leaks can result from personal limiting beliefs or from the following advice from sources and teammates that are out of sync with your energy.

How do Energy Links Drain your Productivity?

Energy leaks distract you from what is important as you spend a great deal of time going against what feels natural. When a business decision is the correct decision, it will give you a sense of peace and a knowing you are moving in the direction honouring your intentions. With Lisa’s intuitive ability, she can identify energy leaks and help you develop a strategy to identify and eliminate energy leaks. Lisa will help you identify the leaks by analyzing these three areas:

  1. Personal Limiting Beliefs
  2. Identifying if you need to delegate portions of your task to achieve your goals
  3. Identify draining employees and clients by identifying the incorrect energetic fit

Energy leaks work against your internal compass. If you follow advice from the wrong people, you will feel out of sync with your internal compass. Your intuition will be gently (or not so gently!) telling you something is not right. Those giving you advice will be distracting you from what you know intuitively to be true. With Lisa’s guidance and strategies, you will be able to identify those leaks by being more accepting of the path that feels natural and energize you.

Strategy vs. Trend

Energy Leaks can present themselves as trends. If you are prone to following trends, you may experience an energy leak when you are rushing to adopt a current trend that does not fit into your strategy, or you may not even have a fully developed strategy to guide you. Working with Lisa will provide a way to critically analyze your actions to determine if you are following a trend or if you are buying into an idea that truly fits with your strategy.

Energy Leaks Deplete Productivity

It is imperative to identify energy leaks as they deplete your productivity. If you are following someone or listening to team members that are against your energy flow, you will experience fatigue, confusion, and energy depletion. You want to operate at your maximum productivity, which means you have to identify, nurture, and correct energy leaks. You may be too close to the problems to realize the leaks, and you may not want to rock the boat with your employees, so you accept their ideas knowing they don’t jive with your intuitive compass. Lisa guides you through this process to ensure you are following your most productive path.

Manage the Energy of your Business

Everything has energy, including a business. Knowing how to nurture positive energy and identifying optimal business strategy will result in maximum productivity. You may have a limiting belief regarding your earning potential, or on how big your business can grow. Identifying this limit, and working with Lisa to clear the negativity, will open up your channels and allow you to thrive in your personal, financial, and mindfulness energy fields.

Lisa has helped her clients save millions of dollars by identifying energy leaks and offering strategies to repair the leaks. Contact Lisa today to see how she can help you identify and repair leaks in your business and personal life so you can soar to your highest heights. Let’s do this!