I wanted to create this blog specifically for empaths to help you understand what might be going on in your day that you are unaware of and to encourage your empathic abilities. If you are an an empath, you pick up energy and vibration around you on a constant basis. How that translates in a regular life experience is if you are walking through your day and you are in a great mood, then you go into a grocery store and all of a sudden you feel terrible and you do not know what happened. Another example would be that your girlfriend / boyfriend calls you and all of a sudden you feel terrible and you do not know what is going on. Often what might have happened is that you were talking to them about something difficult or in the case of the grocery store you did not realize that there was someone near you that was in a very negative headspace.

If you are an empath, you may not realize the power of being an empath and what a gift it is. What happens is that you get imprinted on your vibrational field and then you cannot interpret if the energy is yours or somebody else’s. You may suddenly go from one mood to another and do not know why or you suddenly get a negative feeling. This is because you are a very powerful empath and you feel things from an emotional centre in your body.

Empaths are very powerful. They feel emotion and vibration in the body and their senses are acutely alert. If this is you, you need to start becoming more in control of your gift and make sure that you are safe and contained in a good space. I recommend creating white vibrational light around your auric field. When you have a white light in your auric field and you are walking through your day as an empath and somebody’s energy comes in through that white light, it heals the negative energy that they are experiencing so it does not get left everywhere. People do not realize that they are doing it, but vibrational imprints get left all over the place. This is just a part of the the fact that of us are vibrational beings. Your white light transforms the negative energy or experience that somebody might have left behind as they are walking through their day.

As an empath, your job from now on is to start putting white light around your energy field. You can make it white and gold, white and pink or white and purple, but pure white light with a little blue or golden hue are the most powerful that I have seen. Your auric field is around three feet wide if you have a healthy one, it may be a little bit bigger, but in general it goes around the body. Your chakrak field lives inside of you and goes around the body. The white light that you visualize downloading around you needs to be around you as a soul and as a human being to help your vibrational field stay clear from energy that is not yours and emotions and vibration that belongs to someone else.

How do you create a white light?
Take 5 minutes every morning and lie down in your bed or sit up, whichever is more comfortable for you. Ask the universe to “please activate white light around my auric field” and begin visualizing white light circling and coming down from the universe down to your head and then across, starting to circle clockwise like a cocoon or like a dome. Visualize it all the way around, circling under your feet, coming together, closing and going down into the earth. It is very important when it goes down into the earth because this creates an anchored in experience. You are anchored on both ends and you are in a circle of white light. Now, ask the creator to help anybody that comes in contact with your white light and ask that this white light create a barricade for energy that not in your highest good.

The white light will heal anybody that comes in contact with it in the highest way because you asked the creator to do this. This is a practice that you must do every morning to make sure that your vibration is high. If you are an empath there will not be a day that you are going to wake up and not need it. What it will do is give you more for yourself, you still get intuitive feelings, but they will imprint on your vibrational energy.

I hope this has helped you and that you will start practicing this exercise daily. Ignite your intuition empaths! Let us get grounded and more powerful with the gifts that you have.


P.s. If you have difficulty following or doing this practice, I have some beautiful meditations for you here!