If doubt, fear, or confusion have been holding you back, then it’s time to let those things go and say goodbye to them for good. You CAN do this. I will show you how. In my own life, I have had to overcome fear and doubt. I was that little girl with my hands over my eyes hoping the boogey men of life would go away. It was not until I transformed my life that I started to accept my past mistakes and started to use those mistakes as life lessons for the future that I was able to move forward.

I created a process of doing this and thus, coined it – the “D-Factor.” You may be asking yourself… What is the “D-Factor” that I speak of? It is simply a way of turning fear and doubt into things that are more useful in your life. At some point or another, you’ve probably asked yourself: “How can I turn my greatest mistakes, challenges and deepest life vulnerabilities into something profound and powerful?”

One of the D-factor answers is simple: By Divine living, you are able to change your perspective and bring peace to your story. By knowing you are the Universe and the Universe is your Spirits source. You are one with all that is.

Here’s the caveat: Human DOUBTS are a challenge within themselves. If you allow doubt to gain access into your mind, it can WREAK HAVOC; creating the deepest uncertainty, taking away your passion and pushing your convictions forward. Moreover, DOUBT is a killer of kindness, love and compassion to yourself and others. You will have to separate the negative emotions from the doubt that may be looming in your mind. Are you listening? Turn a deaf ear to doubt and be open to the lessons that you can use to turn the negativity of doubt into prosperity. Stay tuned… for next weeks blog, I will share with you numerous ways to overcome doubt so that you can continue to thrive and persevere.

You are the greatest of blessings in your own life. Its time to understand how important you are and release yourself from all negative energies holding you prisoner in your own heart and head.

This conversation will be continued….