In my latest blogs about doubt and its impact in our lives I’ve talked a lot about realizing your own self-doubts. In order for us to move past doubt and start to gain success, we have to realize the detriment that having doubt and letting it control our thoughts and actions has over us. Here are some DEADLY truths about DOUBTS:

  • DOUBTS are deadly and can actually be paralyzing!
  • DOUBTS can become the deciding factors of your life actions (if you allow them)
  • DOUBTS will allow you to give up before you start.
  • DOUBTS will deal you a failing hand before you “go all in” on your life.
  • DOUBTS delay actions that are useful.
  • DOUBTS create disappointments.
  • DOUBTS create lies.
  • DOUBTS lead you down a road of confusion.
  • DOUBTS de-stabilize your soulful purpose.
  • DOUBTS silence us, forcing us to be cut off from sharing our needs.

The Doubts within us create a state of unwanted stress and confinement and finally they become a prison to the self.

I want to support you in knowing you CAN overcome these doubts. You may feel or think it an impossible feat, but it is POSSIBLE! Encourage yourself by saying, “If I don’t try then I’ll never know. You can do it remember your unique sense of being. You are a perfect example of talent and beauty.” When you notice you are in doubt, zoom out and get a fresh look at your accomplishments and seek for what you are rather then what you are trying to be. It is from the practice of humility that we can rise above our doubts and deepen the power of our positives to break through the wall of doubt and walk into the world of acceptance. Acceptance is the action that can naturally lead us into accomplishment. If you doubt all the time, you need to zoom out to the big picture. Realize that doubts are fear, and fear is: Forgetting Everything’s All Right.


Q: Is doubt real from the Spiritual perspective?

NO WAY and here’s why:

  • The spirit within you doesn’t judge you – it loves you
  • It chose you for a sacred mission
  • It’s not embarrassed by you
  • It truly knows the fibers of positivity in which you are made.
  • It has immeasurable strength to help you overcome any adversity.
  • Your soul knows that YOU ARE resilient and powerful beyond what your doubts tell you.
  • Your spirit allows for mistakes. It has compassion and wants to inspire you to heal.
  • It gets you.
  • Your higher awareness knows everything that’s going on with you as a person and loves you anyway.
  • It knows all your little secrets and holds you HARMLESS.
  • It shares in your human journey so it can inspire enlightenment and serve you.

DOUBT is an energetic vampire; sucking the life from you like a leeching friend causing your problems and giving you bad advice.

These are the “friends” that need to be eradicated from our lives, but haven’t yet because we have allowed DOUBT to WIN. Do NOT continue to do this!

Let’s Start Destroying your Doubt with the D-Factor Design.

This is a six-stage life style change. Please be gentle with yourself because this would be best if it becomes a way of life and that is not always easy to accomplish. The intention is to break the endless negative cycles and adopt the following instead:

The way to see this is the consider these 6 focus points as new values and intentions to live by. Take time and think about these six ideals and write down what they mean to you. An example of that would to ask yourself: What would being deliberate in your life look like ? What would I do differently right now ?

  1. Be Deliberate
  2. Discover your Determination
  3. Befriend Discipline
  4. Embrace Devotion
  5. Make powerful purposeful Decisions
  6. Get acquainted with your Divine Self ~ let it empower you

By beginning to practice the D-factor design, the lessons that were creating your doubts can now become your victorious stories, taking over all negativity! As you change the way you live your life you change the way you think about your life.

If DOUBT has taken over you then it’s probably become a prison over you being able to persevere.

In the beginning of change what I suggest is…this:

When you notice negativity and doubt beginning to loom in your mind or emotions:

  • Don’t run, just stop and become Deliberate
  • Decide to face it head on
  • Let it come into sight so you can destroy it
  • Own it straight on – no bullshit, because the truth is you can’t successfully RUN from yourself.
  • Devote yourself to wining in your personal journey
  • Just do it no matter what because you are a Divine
  • Do it for something greater than you your SOUL and the greater good
  • Whatever it takes be Disciplined don’t let yourself slide back.

This is a beginning not an ending it is to help you begin to overcome any doubts and begin to live more fully and freely.

Let’s recap a few points about The Spiritual Evolution Journey to help doubts heal

  • You are here to evolve and your evolution has meaning for your Soul and for others.
  • So Embrace your lessons as opportunities so you feel in becoming victorious you are humbly happy to share them with others.
  • This way Sharing your story with others brings acceptance to you.
  • Forgive yourself for the past so you can find your future.
  • Feel safe sharing your journey because we are never alone in our experiences
  • Remember whatever you have lived it is certain someone else needs the hope and you can offer.
  • Focusing on the lessons as part of your souls healing and your own

Now, sit back and watch your doubts melt away and see your spiritual life purpose begin to surface ~ giving you a sense of ease and grace within.

Remember this is a life style divine design and a process to Practice- Practice-Practice and live Doubt-Free.