I’ve been thinking about how healing happens…

What stages it takes.

Its nature and capacity.

Its relationship to our lives and our hearts.

How it unfolds itself in millions of particulars in our daily lives.

What its purpose offers.

How it’s an innate part of our system: physically and emotionally and spiritually.

Here are some of my deeper understandings from my heart healing experiences.

Healing is natural, it is innate, it is born with us, it is a call for inner balance and happiness. It is not the same as transformation or therapeutic methods which require a decision. Healing comes easily and naturally to our subconscious, organically like our body’s immune system it goes towards balance without any reason or decision. It naturally knows what to do to heal itself. The body will include cells shifting into regeneration, other body parts will support the area where there is a problem and where more balance is needed.

The body doesn’t need help in making any decisions, it knows what to do by itself. Our emotions have that same built-in experience, the difference is unique because a choice needs to occur. Quite often variables in the belief system prevent people from allowing the natural healing to take place in the emotional field.

Emotional transformation requires power and energy that may not always be available to you when you’re in the midst of a healing journey. Transformational actions can support the shift in the healing process.

You do not have to be perfectly healed before you can create a life you desire. The heal can come from the creative process because you open your heart and mind to listen to your inner wholeness bringing itself forward to show you what you’re capable of deep down in your core.

Core Healing requires affection and attention and it shows itself in the nuances of memories, feelings and insights. It requires focused, yet objective attention as it organically moves toward your awareness. Emotional healing tends to call to us because we can identify what needs to be healed through our pain. It’s a roadmap leading us to the treasure box of insight.

Healing is a journey and a fundamental activity of humanity that we all need to embark on at different times whether it’s spiritually emotionally and physically. The goal of what I’m trying to express is that it is not a part of you. When you feel off-balance, when you feel stressed, when you feel sad, when you feel uncertain. These are indicators that the process of healing is trying to call to you.

Sometimes healing requires a treatment of some sort, a seeking, a discovery, a deep retreat within. Other times, healing calls for your voice to come forth to truth-tell and share with the world in order to resurrect yourself.

Healing often requires acclimatization within yourself and within your body. Getting yourself adjusted to the new experience of who you are and who you are becoming.

Gratitude is the formula which encourages the acceleration of healing. Walk forward on any healing journey with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for knowing you have this opportunity to heal. This attitude brings a great healing force to you that becomes the undeniable changemaker within.

Your inner fire begins to burn passionately and as you rise from the ashes you become transformed. This all inspired by a natural desire that calls from inside to heal any pain that puts you into an imbalance in your wholeness. You will feel an unsettling feeling and that is the call to go within and seek. Healing always involves the joining of your body, mind and your Soul (your spark of the universe). It is a natural system organically present in your being. Healing has a purpose in your life and you must discover the power of it.

Healing begins when we begin to see it as a natural resource of balance and powerful living. On a subconscious level you are calling to yourself for growth. Listen to the whispers of your heart and soul as it calls you from within, and moves through you and the aspects of who you are that will make you become aware of its need.

Healing happens.

Healing is possible.

Healing is the power of transformation.

Healing has its own function and purpose.

Don’t run from it when it comes to call you, allow it…healer heal thyself. Through listening to the whispers of your natural ability to call it when needed. You know you need to heal as it comes through emotional discomfort and through dissatisfaction. Look at these areas of your life where you are not happy and where there is stress openly and with a level of willingness that brings the opens the shifts and creates the change.

Soulfully yours, Lisa