When was the last time you felt appreciation on a deep level?

2018 has been a huge year for me around just that. I made the decision in the beginning of 2018 that I would master appreciation this year because it is an extremely important part of what was missing in my life.

As an emotional over giver I had to up my game and build new values and when it came to my relationships I understood I had to learn a lot more about this word and its meaning. I had to learn to experience this with the people around me. We all need to feel appreciated for appreciation to exist and that was a huge part of my lessons and I am grateful to have developed a deeper connection to this way of being.

In this podcast, I vulnerably share some very personal experiences that I went through around letting go of people that were not in alignment with me and people that did not appreciate my friendship and loyalty. The lessons that I have gone through this year, have been meaningful and valuable to me and I am sharing them with you to spread the importance and power that appreciation can have in our lives.

Click below to listen to the podcast and please, I encourage you after listening, to sit down quietly and ask yourself these important questions about the people in your life.

What is appreciation?
Do they feel appreciated by me?
Do I feel appreciated by them?
Are they capable of showing appreciated?