As we gear up for the holidays, I wanted to share with you some valuable lessons that I learned long ago. We all have a wise healer living inside us.

Are you like so many uncertain seekers attached to a guru, big name change-agent or spiritual teacher? Maybe you find yourself looking for healers all the time to make things right within you. Maybe you run from one to the other looking for guidance that actually holds the answers to your questions.

In my years of channelling Spirit there’s one thing that I’ve learned above all else; our truth and wisdom lives within us.

Everyone that we call mentor or healer in our lives is a guide with a skill or an ability to help us find our roadmap within.

Do not seek nor put responsibility on others to mend what is broken within because you will then blame them if you have not made the shift.

Only use the wisdom of those who you seek to guide you as a way to the portal of your own inner guidance and universal connection.

You are a healer of yourself.

I say this because it breaks my heart so often to see insecure seekers of healing chasing the next road of their life path from outside of who they are. They look to find the guidance from another and another and another.

They are too afraid to take accountability for themselves so they hang on to the words of others like it’s a life preserver. It is not a negative thing to learn and grow from someone else’s wisdom and teachings, but when the seeker is unaware of their own strength and capacity to self-heal, that is a problem.

The true teaching here is…

You are your life preserver.

Your light is your director.

So you see, you must seek within to find your own guru and healer and in doing so, you will find an extra special version of yourself that holds the higher wisdom of your life that is in the becoming.