As women, we often face situations in our life that have us living fearful of moving forward. However, as care-givers born nurturers, we cannot afford to lose our courage. When we do this, we are losing an integral part of ourselves.

The healthy divine feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility. Feminine intuition is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all encompass this tool, although we seldom realize that it is there. In our feminine energy also lives a balance.

Our intuition and emotions are alive – aligned within the same space that enables us to be courageous when we need to be. In fact, our courage delivers our boundaries, but can also reveal our vulnerabilities if we empower it to do so.

As women, we may have been faced with a variety of social stigmas, but it is important for you to STAND TALL and be PROUD. It is in times of weakness that we mustn’t apologize for who we are; for when we allow our courage to taper off, our fear is revealed. We become at risk of losing the fundamental connection to ourselves and to our spiritual, emotional and mental powers which will resonate loudly if we allow them.

2987691-wonder_woman_by_penichet-d4g0o7lWhen a woman allows her courage to fade, she becomes lost, vulnerable, and powerless. She wonders who she is, and seeks answers but often returns with more questions. Her heart becomes neglected; hungry for a new journey, but is often found wondering aimlessly, misguided and lacking purpose. You may be reading this and thinking – is this me? Allow me to affirm with RESOUNDING PURPOSE, “NO THIS IS NOT YOU!”

Now, ask yourself, “Can I afford to allow my courage to fade? In what areas can I be more loving, honoring and nurturing to myself?” Once you find those answers you’ll also find that lost woman as described above is merely a shadow, or shell of who and what you have been divinely purposed to be.

YOU are much more, and TODAY, allow yourself to embrace the courageous woman that lives inside of you!

With the greatest of love and honor to you on this journey,