In order to take responsibility for who you are, you need to have clarity on where you are. In order to have clarity on where you are you need to be honest with yourself. These are some of the fundamental ingredients to being responsible and to enjoying the journey of growth.

The fun part about being responsible is to be able to be honest and open about where you are and where you want to go. This creates the opportunity to set goals and new intentions for yourself and it allows you to step into new experiences and adventures in your life. When you see your growth with the mindset that it is an incredible and exciting journey versus looking at it negatively and questioning what is wrong with you, then you will be well on your way to making the personal shifts you desire.

Opportunity to grow often shows up as a disruption in your life, a new awareness in yourself or discomfort inside you. The moment that something inside you gets disrupted or combusts and leaves you with a sense of unease is the moment to take responsibility and ask yourself what is happening and how you can show up differently.

People have trouble with the word responsibility because it does not seem fun, it does not feel flowing, open, growing or interesting. All this requires is a mindset change that looks at responsibility as an opportunity to grow, expand and shift. Once you change your mindset, it becomes much easier to manage and more interesting to engage with. When you tell yourself that you ‘have to work on something’ and that it is your ‘moment of growth’, it automatically creates a negative interaction and the opportunity in front of you to rise to a higher space and place inside does not feel like something fun to engage with, it actually becomes daunting.

One tip I often share with my clients around taking responsibility and knowing where you are is to ask yourself a questions like:

“What can I do?”

“How can I experience myself?”

“How can I grow and expand myself?”

“How can I show up differently to this opportunity?”

“How can I think differently?”

“What is being revealed to me about myself from this disruption, conflict or unease that I have inside?”

It is really important for you to embrace the opportunity and step into a new courage instead of hide and run away from it. When you run away, you deny yourself the mental growth and expansion that will allow you to take action that creates success in your life. This running often happens when people are afraid of engaging with their own responsibility because they do not feel safe stepping into a new, exciting and fundamentally good place. I am here to assure you that this does not need to happen, you can accelerate your growth and let go of old patterns that do not serve you anymore.

The best way to take responsibility for your actions and reactions is to ask really good questions that put you in a positive atmosphere and provoke you in a positive way. This means approaching things with a new inner state of gratitude for the lessons and where you can say “this opportunity is exciting. What can I do to create something even better of myself, my life and my experiences? Let me learn to stop needing disruption and to step into a place of leadership, joy, happiness and fun before the mirroring of my shit has to happen and not after”.

Responsibility needs to be embraced as rolling in life experiences and showing up to them rather than pushing away. Responsibility needs to be fun, exciting and interesting because life will bring you to those places where you get to grow and see who you are more deeply and how your life needs to change, shift and expand so that you can be happier and be free to be who you are inside.

Life is ever changing and expanding and you do not have to stay in a place of discomfort, unpleasant feelings or where you are not fully happy with your life and how the people around you are influencing you.

Every time you expand, you create a better life experience.

Every time you expand, you say yes to more.

Every time you expand, you open new horizons and you step into places of deeper positivity and joy.

It is extremely important to take this attitude about responsibility to your next level of growth so that it becomes enjoyable rather than conflicting inside.

Lisa xo