Mastering manifesting means you understand that you are in charge of what you are creating on the canvas of your life. This even includes resistance; if you have resistance, you are going to manifest resistance. The beauty in manifestation is if you want to change your resistance you can do that too. The benefit of changing courses is that you do not lose the things that have meaning and value for you and you become more in charge of what you are creating from a conscious and subconscious level.

It is important to know that every time you manifest something with a touch of unworthiness and negativity in your life, you may be allowing your unworthiness to be in charge of you by justifying with excuses and running from irresponsibility.

For example, if you asked the creator what you needed to do at a certain point in your life, or when you were going through that certain challenging situation and you were given an answer that you chose not to follow because you told yourself that you could not do what was being asked of you or preventing yourself from having it by doubting yourself, you will eventually sabotage the positive experience and outcome you could have had. This in turn creates a bigger problem or situation for you than the one you originally asked for help with.

In my work I help prevent people’s problems from actually manifesting. The people who work with my gift well and succeed come to me with life issues they are concerned about coming down the pipeline that they want to prevent from happening. I help them understand and comprehend the problems and guide them with actionable coaching advice so they find their way to own, embrace and grab them with a level of responsibility that supports a positive outcome.

People who do not want to listen to their inner guidance and even their own trusted people, coaches, teachers are those who want to continue to run away only to manifest bigger problems and end up victimizing themselves. The reality is that those results were not meant to be; what happened was that they received an intuitive suspicion and received information they needed weeks or months before and made the choice to go down another route. Intuition, this gift that I have been given, is to prevent people from creating problems and help them shift so that they do not end up in the same situation over and over again.

I recently decided to explore this more deeply and in my deeper meditative channeling practices I asked the creator if everybody could prevent their problems and the answer was YES! Anyone can prevent their problems from occurring by owning their ability to manifest, by being open and by listening to my signs and signals from a responsible and honest place. It made sense to me because I have a few decades career out of doing this.

Remember! You have the potential to manifest the goodness, the richness, the good relationships and everything that encourages growth. The next time you are wondering how you ended up in the same situation again, try this:

Say to yourself “Hey, I am manifesting the wrong thing. This is not what I want. I keep saying I want that, but I keep manifesting this instead. I must explore what my true beliefs are before taking my next step actions.”

By exploring honestly you can see that you are doing the wrong things to create what you want. Take charge of it by being able to look and say “Ok, so I am manifesting the same problems over and over again, with different faces, different people and different storylines. If I keep manifesting this, I must be telling myself something that I am not conscious of”. Then get into the process of seeing the mindset problem, healing it and calling in something new.

Look at it objectively and ask yourself what the roadmap is to understand what you are actually feeling and doing inside so that you can OWN IT and SHIFT IT. I promise you that if you take the time to do this you will be well on your way to propelling yourself on a new manifestational course.