Good things come to those who give time to the Universe to bring the gifts, those people know how to wait without complaint. They understand Source needs time to bring the messages and the moving moments to shape your wishes. It knows YOU need time to be ready if what you ask for is yours. It knows the reason you ask for its help is because you don’t already believe it can be yours. The Universe works with you to bring the energy clarity and courage to know what you are doing is right for you. Without you being ready your dream will pass you by.

You may have asked the universe for someone awesome to fill the role of lover, team player, friend. You ask if you should mover or for a change in your work, life, goals. And then something close enough happens. And you do the cosmic shrug and think, “Well, close enough.” It’s new. It’s different. But… new and different are not the same as thats it. You have to hold out for that kind of magic.

Holding out is the perseverance of self love, of universal trust and the feeling of knowingness in your being. It’s a result of great faith. You can hold out when you are hooked into the belief that you’re a soul with goals—worthy of the best version of what you that you are meant and know to be.

Waiting for it requires a sacred, almost secret power within that you tap into and don’t know how it works, its a degree of perseverance—mystical madness and freaking will. Oh I know all to well it’s to easy to sacrifice and settle, to just take the what you get and roll with it only to sooner rather than later to find yourself unhappy, or to realize this wasn’t it and you missed the guidance from within long ago and know you have to start again.

Particularly when you’re emotionally starving.
Especially when you’re in pain from that false reality called unworthiness.
You know in your inner core when it’s a bad idea to give up to submit into caving in.
You know inside.
You feel it.
You avoid it.
You justify it.

You can choose something else now here is what I want to tell you. Turning things around is a chose you make that takes all your doubts about the future down by pouring faith on them. You can be at responsibility and peace by being true to yourself and activating a deep sense of self love with conviction and commitment.

Don’t give up, beautiful soul.
Take time with yourself.
Keep doing the work with persistence, will and perseverance.
Go without and within.

Let the space you want to be filled stay open and clear. It requires more strength than you might have but as it turns out, waiting for it is seriously efficient.

Know you are worth all the effort you make to heal, shift, change and grow.
Much Love,