WOW wasn’t 2016 filled with change and here we are, it is 2017 the year of greatness a new year filled with new beginnings.

You know exploration is always important at the beginning of each year because the vibration changes. We have new energetic opportunities internally and externally. Taking that time you need to go within and discover yourself.

Invite yourself to explore. I recommend using focused journaling on what this #1 year will offer you and what you want to create in it and with it. Discover your unlimited potential with direction and focus.

Here is what I suggest: Sit with your new 2017 year journal and take a good afternoon with yourself to ask and explore your hearts desires. It is like having a time alone with yourself to deep dive into your dreams. Do this with love and care and share this time with you and you alone. I know a bunch of you received new journal over the holidays just like I did so lets get them opened. If you have been creating your life spirit style then you know there is nothing like pen to paper to create and envision your life. Here is the way I start my new year by asking these questions to Self, Soul, Source. I dive pretty deep but I do not want to overwhelm you so lets start here.

Self: What is it you long for, tell me I’m here to listen? How do you want to grow this year ? What feelings do you wish to experience this year?

Soul: What do you need for your own growth? What can I do for you this year?

Source: What messages do you have for me on life direction? How can I serve the greater good for this year?

Sit with yourself. Take time with each question. Write everything that comes down. You see this is the beginning of a wonderful and fabulous new year! Believe you can dream, create, intend, build, strategize and plan everything you set out to accomplish.


Remember ….. Everything you can feel, sense and imagine can Manifest in the here and now.

I’ll be taking this much deeper during my day workshop event You + Your Soul + Your Goals build that life you want Spiritual style a working day event.

Happy 2017!!