Your self-esteem affects your perspective on everything that happens in your life; your thoughts, ideas and feelings, the decisions you make, the friends your chose, the person you marry, your education, your income. Everything.

There is a universal, eternally human question that people ask me all the time at critical points of their lives: Am I worthy? Am I enough? Do I deserve? and the answer is always “Yes! Yes! Yes! but when a person is not connected to their soul they can’t see that.

To see yourself from the perspective of your soul you have to become still and listen to your intuition because the soul and your intuition are inextricably tied together; the more deeply you are connected to the Divine, the higher your intuition, the greater your capacity to love.

You may have tried therapy, meditation, hypnosis, counseling, inner work of all kinds from all your favorite gurus and nothing seems to help. Well, how can you heal your heart when it is filled with self-loathing, self-doubting thoughts? You must get all those damaging thoughts out of your mind and replace them with actually loving yourself; getting to know yourself on a soul level.

When you tap into your intuition you feel better about yourself, find more joy, increase confidence… well you get the picture. You make better choices, you feel better about yourself.

To be able to do this it takes self esteem on the soul level. Without it, you effectively close the doorways to your intuitive perception.

Learning to become gentle with yourself prepares your soul to receive the messages that the highest Divine part of you is trying to reveal. Learning listen to and feel your soul’s guidance and love will lead you on a magnificent path of self-love.
Every day, in every moment your spirit is trying to love you and it’s time to let it happen and live a life inside you; a life that is majestic and magical.

Lisa xo