In today’s world so many of us struggle with stress and certain anxieties due to life challenges. I would like to offer you an alternative way to understand stress and anxiety in order to help you shape a new perspective. Despite what you may think, anxiety can sometimes be a great friend and not your foe. I will preface by saying that everything I share here is personal experience and it is not a replacement for real therapy and doctors care. I am not a therapist, I am simply offering a spiritual teaching perspective that has helped me and many of my clients over the years.

Most of us have felt anxiety or stress in our lives and often, the first thing we do when either of those two come to call is get worried that what we stress about will come true and so the anxiety becomes bigger and louder.

We, too often, listen to them as if it is a close, trusted friend. Then shortly after, we respond to those stress thoughts like they are a traitor going to tell us the worst things about our lives or ourselves. The true problem with all this is we begin to break down and ignore solutions or answers because we are focused on the wrongs thing and miss the real issues. Once this happens, fear and overwhelm dig in and set in, which leads to more unnecessary stress which prevents us from moving forward on what we need to.

From my experience, when we have come to the point that we’ve manifested anxiety, it can mean that we are trying to tell ourselves something extremely important. When we do not know how to listen, it creates a build up and these feelings get bigger and bigger until we hear what needs to be said.

Anxiety, stress, pain, emotional distress, sadness, an unfulfilled life…these are all keys that tell us we are not giving ourselves permission to say YES to who we are and to our happiness, liberation and illumination.

When I was young, I had chronic anxiety that manifested in many ways, but one of the most crippling of them was agoraphobia. Fortunately, I was very blessed to understand that the messages in these conditions were telling me something very important. I was able to face myself and it helped me release this phobia. I share this because I want you to know that there is a healing opportunity in our anxiety and that we are not imprisoned to our symptomatology.

Stress is a messenger. We can change its patterns in our mind and in our energy field. I have been in full blown anxiety and taken myself off that ledge in seconds by hearing into my feelings and you can too. The first thing I do when I am going through an emotional experience or discomfort is to not judge myself or it, but rather embrace it and experience it. I often ask myself curiously “what is it that these feelings have to say? What am I experiencing? What is bothering me? What is going on?”

If we stop fearfully avoiding what our anxiety/stress is trying to tell us and instead gently and lovingly take time to look into it as a messenger, we will have a more positive outcome. Whether the message is that we need to breathe or take charge of our doubtful mind and stop it from going down a negative track. I’ve learnt that under the stress is a need to hear the Soul’s voice, it is important for us to listen with love and objectivity. Listening gives us a choice to simply admit to ourselves that we are scared of something and that we are not consoling our heart and asking what it is.

In order to face our anxiety/stress, we need to make one of these simple decisions…

I want to become whole.
I want to feel right with myself.
I want to overcome depression and anxiety.
I want to give.
I want to heal myself.

What I know from experience is that even under difficult situations we can find a powerful self-acceptance of where we are. This is a beautiful opportunity to hear ourselves at the core. Our core is where our truth is. We all go through challenges, but if we listen with love to what hurts us or make us uncomfortable we will inevitably connect with our inner guidance and our wholeness. As a result, our stress will diminish because we are taking actions with love, honesty and truth.

I prefer to look at stress as a call that makes us uncomfortable because we have to change something we are used to and that we find scary.

Try this when you feel either.
“What I feel right here, right now is important. I matter and I do not need to turn away from myself.

I am just telling myself something that needs my acknowledgment so I can heal.”.

Consoling ourselves like this might make us feel vulnerable at first, but ‘so what!’, we are already feeling vulnerable! Let the vulnerability have a purpose; the purpose of healing. We need to embrace and accept emotions because they make us human.

Here is an action suggestion to shift your thinking and help reduce the volume of ”I have anxiety/stress and I am powerless” and turn up the volume on “I am powerfully at peace and in charge of all I am, whether it is sad, happy, fulfilled or joyful”.

Get yourself an anxiety/stress journal and every time you feel stressed, peacefully ask yourself the questions below and write the answers in your journal:

What do I need?
What is your message?
Why are you feeling this way?
Is something happening?

What I have taught you is to listen to what you feel less as factual and more as a message. The minute we listen to ourselves everything calms down because we activate our heart center and bring love upwards. This helps us feel safer and allows us to become openly honest and ready for healing.

Soulfully Yours
Lisa Dawn LaJoie