So You Think You are Psychic but do you do this though?

When you’re honing your gifts and learning as a Psychic Medium, Shaman, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Visionary, or Empath, whichever it is there is a common mistake that many people make.

Invading people’s space and forcing insights on them. It might sounds like, “I feel the presence of such and such or I see this happening in your future”, without actually being invited to give that kind of advice to someone.

Some good advice for you to keep in mind is it’s very disrespectful to invade people with your thoughts, visions and perceived insights. And quite often, you will be inaccurate about what you’re saying, because you’re invading and the person’s own energetic boundaries, guides, and spirit helpers will prevent you from coming into their space and getting accurate information.

It’s really important to learn discernment, integrity, respect and responsibility when you’re reading and learning about people energetically. If you have no boundaries in your life, you’re not going to have any intuitive boundaries either. The difference is that people’s energetic force field will prevent you from actually seeing the truth and you end up projecting the wrong information on people which really really will not benefit them and could very likely harm them.

You have to learn to be careful, sincere, and take it seriously when you’re dumping information out on people that you have no business dumping out on them, because they never asked for your intuitive advice in the first place nor did they invite you to invade their lives like that.

It’s a very very common mistake that Empaths and Psychic Mediums that are learning make. It’s often a really negative result for the recipient because they never asked, they feel invaded, and they don’t feel good about it. Unless you are truly a well known Psychic Medium to them they don’t want your advice.

The other common thing that happens is, people who are practicing healing modalities or do other lines of business and are learning to be Psychic Mediums at the same time do this. Let’s say like a trainer at the gym is training their client and then starts invading their clients energetic privacy by telling them they’re receiving messages,and without asking permission to share they start telling them what to do, why this is happening to them or that is happening to them. They never asked you to be the healer or transformational expert in their life. They asked you to train them. It’s completely disrespectful to treat people this way and to invade their personal boundaries.

In doing this you actually can create worry, create situations that cause harm, create pain, create difficulty and you can create suspicion by turning them toward the wrong energy.

Hone your gift. Model and learn from teachers who have been practicing for a long time, and who will teach you the appropriate ways to deal with information and people’s energy. It starts with asking permission or by someone coming to you to ask advice or seek guidance, not the other way around. It’s just not cool.

The people that I see that are doing this most are not able to be respectful in their own lives and with people in general. They likely don’t have boundaries with themselves so they definitely don’t have boundaries as an intuitive. It’s extremely important to show respect and integrity and to be mindful of other people’s energy and other people’s process, and you need to be invited, not invasive. This is extremely important learning for you new beginners. It’s extremely important that you awaken to the fact that you have no business giving people advice when you were not invited and you were not asked for it.

If it’s a close friend and you invite them and you say, “would you like to have information that’s coming through to me?”, and they permit you, great try adding “I’m a beginner and I’m learning, and in my learning I’m just offering you this information, I’m getting some insight to something, can I tell you what that is?” And if you’re inaccurate, don’t fight the person. This is another mistake that beginners make. They start arguing with the person they are giving the information to. “No, no, no, I’m right, this is what I see!” Big mistake, you are learning. You have no idea if you are right or wrong and when somebody tells you you are not accurate and you don’t want to listen, you actually miss the opportunity to hone into your skills and figure out what is not working in the information that you are getting or where the hell you are getting your information from as an intuitive and what you are tuning into your self. Don’t miss you own learning to be better with your gift.

So really be mindful, learn to practice discernment, discipline and respect and that will go a long way in your practice and it will go a long way in you learning how to be excellent as a Reader and as a Psychic Medium.

To your soulful success,