I’ve been sharing with you one of the biggest hiccups we, as humans, face in our day-to day lives, which is that of SELF DOUBT. Did you know Overcoming SELF-DOUBT that many people use self-doubt as a scape goat to sit behind the failures in their lives? It’s true. “I can’t do this… I am not enough to achieve this,are some of the things I have told myself, and have heard some of my clients tell me for reason why they are not truly pursuing their dreams. They feel a certain BLOCK or DEAD-END that keeps them from forward movement. But ask yourself this… is there a mountain at all? I can tell you from personal experience that doubt creates an illusion of conditions. From the lessons I have had to learn and from the gift of intuition bestowed upon me, I can tell you first hand that it’s easy to lose the truth when you experience doubt and let it take control of your life. Self-doubt tells un-true stories and give you the false reality that you cannot fix what is broken in your life.

Here’s what doubt sounds like:

5-Ways-to-Stop-Self-Doubt-in-its-Tracks“I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.” (Loss of confidence)
“It won’t happen for me.” (Loss of faith)
“I won’t be supported.” (Fear of relationships)
“Others are doing it.” (Self-love and perseverance)

The key to overcoming self-doubt is when you feel it looming in your mind, focus on the good in your life, reflect on your past achievements, and look to your mentors and all they have achieved. By doing this, you will slowly start to see how these doubts, too, shall pass, and you can begin making strides in a positive direction.