Smells of grace and nature.

Landscapes in a variety of textures.

I love going there.

I do a retreat in Morocco with my beautiful Soul daughter and yoga instructor, Melanie. Not long ago I came back from this year’s spring retreat in Morocco and I have so many takeaways from this experience that I want to share with you.

First of all, retreats are very important in our new world now. The way we are set up to live and function and the pace we are moving in is so fast. We need time outs and retreats are a place to really go away, rest, learn and open our heart, our Soul and our mind. They are a place to rise even higher from where we are and what we are creating in life.

The kind of retreats that I like to do are the ones that give you an opportunity to dig into growth, learning and experiencing yourself. The type that offers a variety of pleasures that you can enjoy like resting, listening, and exchanging with new friends who are reaching for the same type of enlightenment inside as you are. You embrace sounds, smells and moments of grace with new people.

We had a great retreat this year in Morocco, it was wonderful. We offered excursions, intuitive classes, yoga, meditation and songs of love with a great woman who teaches of Rumi. It was truly a beautiful experience. I love to witness people feeling rested so much that they are able to open their minds to their awakenings and to what is next for them. They had that time to breathe and ask “What is next? What is really important to my heart? What is really important to me? What is the creator trying to tell me? What does my body want me to hear?”

It was amazing to watch their awakenings, their vibrations increase and the upleveling their game. They had the opportunity to recognize that some of their situations were not that important and they were just hanging on to them because they did not know what else to do. The liberation they received was magnificent to watch when they had the permission to let go of those situation and have them taken away through the different practices I offered. I was able to see the freedom in their eyes and that was really special for me.

One of the favoured journeys on our retreat is that I open up and do an intention setting ceremony which gives you a deep opportunity to get to know each other and to know what is you are hoping for during the time away. It gives you a space away from your regular routine to embrace and hear the deeper core of who you are. I am there as a helper and a guide. I walk people through a certain type of journey along with my colleagues. We each offer different experiences and allow each person to gravitate to whatever feels right for them.

It is important to go inward, to sit, breathe and heal ourselves. Retreats are just the place for that and they connect you back to nature and the lifeforce energy running through your veins to give you a moment to yourself.

The most important takeaway from this blog as the permission instigator is that I want you to understand that you need to take time for yourself and realize that you are very important. No matter what anybody is trying to pressure you into believing, no matter what kind of impressions you have from the people around you – your boss, your colleagues, your kids – you need to drop them for a week, a day, three days. Let yourself go and allow yourself to say yes to nurturing your heart, your soul, your body and your mind. Allow yourself to release all these burdens that hold you back from your own moments of grace with yourself, your own moments of sanctuary with yourself. This is truly important.

I wanted to share how wonderful the experience of retreating is and having the time to yourself to dig in to nothingness, to growth, to breath and to your evolution. Retreats give you whatever it is that you really need because you are asking, you are not forcing, what you need right now.

I hope this inspires you to check in on what you need and give yourself that permission to go on a retreat and take care of yourself. To take time outs in your day and retreat in them; where you can breathe, be with yourself and relax into a place of listening and loving yourself in whatever way you need.

I just wanted to share a little bit about how important you are and how important you taking time for these types of experiences, whether it is for an hour, for a weekend, for a week or longer, you are important. Never forget that.