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For years I didn’t understand what a powerful gift I had, or how to share it with others. I knew I had abilities to see and feel universal signals that would guide me, but I didn’t realize how unique of a gift it was.


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Lisa is a high energy captivating speaker who is compassionate about bringing positive change and healing. Lear more here.


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Lisa LaJoie embodies her namesake, joy. After struggling to find her success, Lisa derives immense pleasure from helping others overcome their limitations to live to their full potential. She works with each of her clients to open up the spiritual channels that will uncover their true purpose.

Lisa experienced abuse, set-backs and a near death experience that left her near bankruptcy, both spiritual and financial. She understood that to overcome personal obstacle, she needed to tap into the intuitive knowledge of the universe. By doing so, and believing in the potential of humanity, she picked herself up, recognized her own strength and built a successful coaching and guiding business to help others reach their full potential.

Lisa immediately puts her clients at ease, allowing her to tap into their unique innate source codes that lead to success. Until you understand your greater purpose, you will be limited in your actions. Lisa unlocks these limitations and guides you to move past them allowing you to see real-time results in your business and your life. Once you are free from limitation, your business or personal life will thrive.

As a certified Life Coach, Business intuitive, Spiritual Life Strategist and Teacher, Lisa is able to tap into the energies and higher guides, ask the right questions to strategize and accelerate your transformations into actionable insights. She works best with Spiritual Seekers and Business Owners – she loves nothing more than tapping into their brilliance and watching them thrive.

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From Lisa

As I moved through my challenging childhood, I used my metaphysical healing knowledge and natural-born gift of intuition to guide myself to the light. Finding the light changed everything for me – it gave me strength, hope and a deep desire to help others discover their light. Once I was recovered and realized how much my gifts have helped me, I have made it my life’s mission to guide others in understanding their intuition and spiritual guides.


Living My Purpose

You can create the life you want to live – everything you need is already inside of you! I’m here to help you live a life full of passion, excitement and success. My purpose is to guide you through the discovery process as you learn your keys to success, which include:

  • Finding your purpose
  • Guidance from the Universe
  • Accepting your past journey to enjoy the present


Helping Others Live Their Purpose:

Working together, I will show you how you can use your spiritual powers and intuitive abilities to begin living your greatest life. The key to living your greatest life is discovering your purpose and understanding how you can serve others through your purpose. Once you begin walking down this path, your priorities, your sense of fulfillment and your Spirit will be in harmony allowing you to reach unbelievable heights.

With my guidance, your path will become clear, and your Spirit will offer you the motivation you need to inspire others. Serving is what will garner you the great joy in life. Guiding my clients to discover their purpose ultimately makes the world a stronger and gentler place.


Are You Ready to Live Your Passion?

Are you ready to put in the time and energy to get yourself where you need to be? Are you ready to work for your results? I will guide my clients and help them receive the wisdom and the opportunities that will accelerate them into their highest frequency for learning and achieving.

If you are struggling to find the right answers, you may not be asking the right questions. As we discover your Spirit and I tap into your Spiritual guide, you are able to create actionable insight to accelerate your transformations into success. If you are done with suffering, and you have the motivation to work hard to get the results that you are seeking, let’s release your magic so you can start living your life with passion and purpose.