You are all excellent manifestors.

You are manifesting things all the time, you just do not want to confess that you manifest the problems in your life. Until you can truly acknowledge that you manifest the bad things just like you manifest the good things, it is going to be hard for you to be in control of your manifestation.

Most people think that they only manifest goodness, but you also manifest the negative situations in your life, in your business, in other people’s lives, in your interactions, in your soul growth, in your soul purpose, in your everyday life experiences and with your clients. You are manifesting all the time from a conscious, superconscious and subconscious level. The universe is manifesting in your life and your soul is manifesting in your life. You are not in total control of that. If your soul thinks that you keep causing the same problem, it will drop a bomb and manifest something to wake you up.

There are many different styles of manifestation. The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks taught us that “what you feel is what you create”. Visualization taught us envision that you are creating and manifesting results. Then there is the idea that belief work will manifest your experiences. There is a large variety of possibilities, but my true understanding is this: The universe, your soul, you, mother earth and your life are manifesting things back to you through your emotions, superconscious, conscious, your negative beliefs and your positive beliefs. The actions that you take and everything that you do is a form of manifesting on some level. Those who struggle with being in control or out of control with manifestation do not understand that there is a lot more to it than just what you think and feel.

If you are putting yourself in constant crisis and you do not realize that you are manifesting the crisis, then you will never actually learn to control manifestation. It will be as if you are always winging it. You will hope you are doing it, but you will not really know and when there are negative results, you will not own that you manifested those results. Often people think that something is happening at them instead of the truth, that they manifested it together with the spiritual circle of influence: your soul, your superconscious, your higher conscious, your higher self, the universe, your soul contracts, your soul growth, the choices that you made and the karma that you create. The universe is trying to guide you every day, what you think, what you believe, your negative and positive beliefs, your childhood beliefs, your lineage belief…all these things are manifesting every day in your experience. In or out of your control.

If you pick one way to manifest instead of looking at the whole circle, you are not going to be good at manifesting change. You are all very good manifestors because you manifest all the time. Sometimes you are not realizing you are manifesting negativity, that you are creating it yourself and you do not want to admit that it is your creation. You have likely said to yourself “I create the good things in my life, but someone else is creating the bad stuff. That’s not me, I don’t know how that’s happening”. To be a really good manifestor, you have to own the many layers of your manifestation.

Most people want to talk about the surface, easy, rational, comprehensive, “I tell the universe what to do and it does it”, but that is not actually how it goes. If you sit down with a woman in Iraq and tell her how easy it is to manifest, she is gonna look at you and say “Manifest what? What am I going to manifest exactly?”. The percentage of females manifesting something in Iraq is very low. Life is creating opportunities based on where you are, what you are doing, your lineage and what your soul is here to do. You are manifesting your lessons, what you need to see about yourself, your goals and your desires.

Our job in this work is to manifest our highest potential through truth, honesty and understanding all the different layers of what manifestation really is so that you can be in alignment with your truth. One of the greatest mistakes that I have learned and that I now teach people that I work with is that until you can admit that you manifested the negative experiences in your life and realize that a part of you is creating it and what part of the stratosphere is manifesting it so that you can wake up, you will never be in control of what you manifest. You will try to shift and change and transform something that is deeply embedded in who you are and you will consistently manifest negative results in the same way over and over again with your relationships, with your work and with your stresses.

You already know you are a very good manifestor, whether you are doing it consciously or not. The true levels of manifestation happen on all the layers of life and all layers of the laws of the universe. You are either a slave to your manifestation or you are a co-creator or you are manifesting from a subconscious level and you do not know what you are doing. You just know things are happening and you do not know how to be responsible for that.

Until you start thinking: “Is this me? Is this my subconscious? Is it really that life is trying to tell me I am doing the same thing again and trying to support me to make a really good shift and change? Is it that I’m creating and manifesting negative results because I have negative beliefs in my life?” Until you get really good at it, it is going to very hard for you to be in control of what you are actually doing with manifestation.

The most valuable thing you can begin to practice each day is clear intention. Start your day with you higher soul purposed in mind through meditation on what you want to lay down in the world. Once you can see what matters to you then work with the laws of the Universe to assist you by aligning with the future of your envisioning. “Creator and Laws of the Universe I intend to build on this days journey these things ___________, assist me in the highest way to manifest, thank you I love you.”