There are people who preach of how easy it is to manifest anything you want into existence. They portray that their life is easy and has always been that way. I want to ease your mind if you feel like something is wrong with you because you aren’t seeing the same results in your own life.

Comparing yourself to what other people are doing or manifesting is a losing game. In this world of social marketing you see it everywhere, “I have the formula that will give you instant success”. Subscribe to my channel, my blog, buy my program. I call BULLSHIT on those people because it’s simply not true. We are all here to create different things in this life. Some of us come with certain spiritual growth obligations, areas where we need to grow in to become bigger and better versions of ourselves. Some of us come with hard lessons because of karma waiting to be transformed as we return from the Universe back to the earth.

People spue spiritual philosophical meanings out now like slogans, but in the end when somebody doesn’t understand how to implement them it’s because they are so deeply wounded that their philosophy means nothing. I believe it is so important to understand how deeply imprinted a person’s life can be. We don’t want not want to experience painful passages. We tell ourselves everything should be a certain way and when things go don’t go that way, we look on the outside to blame versus the inside for the lesson. This is huge. Re-read that again to ensure you caught that. When things don’t go the way we want it to, we look outside ourselves for reasons inplace of looking inside for the lessons.

Wounds make us run away from ourselves instead of towards ourselves. It’s easy to misunderstand that you are actually here for yourself, to build a life that calls to you from the higher part of who you actually are. Leadership in your own life comes from truth and honesty, it comes when you’re will to acknowledge your co-creation and start taking personal responsibility to sort it out. From pieces to wholeness we go.

We live in a world of illusion instead of seeking. We don’t realize that our lessons actually transform into something greater in our lives. So we avoid the work. We avoid the pain. But this is where all the magic lies. The miracle comes AFTER not before the manifest. In other words, the miracle is the manifestation of change.

Your soul has lessons and/or contracts you must experience whether you like it or not. You’re obligated to open up to those lessons otherwise they’ll keep showing up, so why not just relax into that space of knowing that we must embrace the lessons, even the tough ones. In doing this you are acknowledging that maybe there are things here for you to do, things designed to challenge you, things that will push you into being the best version of yourself. Resistance makes us makes more mistakes. Relax into what’s here for you.

If this resonates with you at all and you’re interested in learning how to go with the flow in place of swimming against the current (yourself ) Start with:

  • Being open. With humility and love.
  • Be honest with yourself about where you are really at.
  • Be willing to shift through support and strategic focus.
  • Be the awakening with and for yourself, after all it’s you whom must decide. It all starts with you.
  • Take actions that you must take to shift, not hide.

You’ll notice that you will lighten up being in the choices you have at your fingertips and you will recognize that expecting nothing and accepting everything is the solution to it all.

That creates the opening to guidance at another level and it brings on the easy.

It all starts with you. Focus on accepting that you have a growing life to here to lead. Accept that there will be moments of expansion and embrace them fully without resistance. There is nothing in life that comes without a certain degree of pain. When you are birthing something into greatness it requires focus, perseverance and will. You are pregnant with possibility and the pains are just labour pains to help you birth whatever it is you’re manifesting into existence. The pain will pass, I promise, but you’ve got to keep pushing.