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With my help, your beautiful Soul will guide you to certainty. Let’s begin!

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art


When people talk about being an Entrepreneur or Business Owner they often neglect to talk about how scary, lonely and overwhelming it can be. All Entrepreneurs and Business Owners experience a wide range of emotions as you find yourself responsible for coming up with all the answers, moving the needle forward in your business, taking care of all the problems AND delivering successfully to both your team and your clients.

Easy, right?

Instead of lying awake at night searching for answers, we will tap into my clairvoyant insights to guide you from chaos to certainty. I have the privileged ability to look into your Soul’s purpose to determine how to weave your goals into your life mission. My gifts also allow me to see your past, present, and future and decipher this information to provide perspective on how you will achieve business success. Once you are unblocked, you are free to discover your new-found passion, vision, focus and productivity. You will also renew your relationship with money and discover a newfound self-trust.


We Can Do it All

The first step in this journey is to surrender to the process to save money and time and achieve your success goals. Once we get to this stage, I want the fearless among you to continue your path and dive deep into your Soul’s desire with these custom programs.

Business Breakthrough


Find out what is holding your business success back. Is it you? Is it a business need that you do not see, is it timing or the people you are associating yourself with?

Learn how to prioritize your list of projects and goals so that you make the most of each and every one of them.



High Performance Coaching



First, we complete a half-day deep dive of practical goal-setting covering planning, projecting and forecasting for business development.

Next, we engage in One-on-One Mentoring Sessions (3 x 60 minutes per month for 3 months).



All Access Pass


This is you and Lisa full throttle, this is having your own secret weapon an intuitive demand:

This program allows you to have Lisa on your team and use her for any area of your life: Business + love + transformation.

Feeling a big yes for Mastery?



In order to have a business that is aligned with your deepest dreams and higher-self values, you have to first know what they are. Once you can recognize your higher values, you can deepen them into your being and every day life. Whether you are a new entrepreneur, creating a signature program or writing a book, you must develop your spiritual and emotional strength in order to manage unpredictability and uncertain climates. It is essential that you become skilled at managing your energy, being deliberately productive and systemized, able to say yes to support and help, stay motivated, handle frustrations, and overcome the challenges that come with saying yes to yourself. Prepare yourself to stand in the power of their own faith and fierce confidence.

This is where I come in!! Together, we will manifest your dream life so you can serve those around you. With forensic digging and enlightened understanding we can free you of your blocks and expand what is already aligned with your prosperous life. We must nourish ourselves, our lives, our businesses and our dreams with our own light. It is then that we begin to live our missions, dreams and purpose. These results are attained through:

  • Truth talks
  • Soul Seeking
  • Consciousness Conversations
  • Connecting • Envisioning
  • Clairvoyant Digging
  • Deep-Dive Discussions
  • Imagination
  • Inspiration
  • Intelligence
  • Intuitive Insights
  • Actionable Advice

Together you will learn essentials such as:

  • Your ability to manifest Energy shift work
  • Intention setting and visualization
  • Soul goal sessions

Prosperity positioning You must be ready to receive what it is you are trying to attract. Together, we will prepare you to become the person you need to be in order to create the business and life you and your Soul desires.


Retainer Pricing Models For Every Need

I offer busness musing retainer options because every business is in a different stage of development, strategic needs and growth acceleration.

A Note From Lisa

Make Your Own Opportunities

I am honoured to know that my clients call me their secret weapon, the truth teller for the Soul and that our work together is “a profound awakening and realignment for the true self”, “a transformational trip that brings wholeness and inner acceptance”, “an awakening into a deep and profound longed for freedom” and “like speaking to a soul whisperer who hears me fully and completely yet sees the path before me and guides me to the routes I must take to succeed.”

It will be my greatest honour to help you if you are called to this type of enlightened and evolutionary business building. Please reach out anytime if you have questions for me and my team. Lisa xox

Hear from some of our clients

Rave Reviews

Wow! I am blown away at the clarity I received from my session among my heart-centered biz! Lisa helped me pretty much create almost week to week how to help my clients more efficiently and start creating a strategy to serve my clients better. It was SUCH an enlightening and much-needed session! I am so excited to work with her more to skyrocket my purpose and fulfillment serving others!

Vanessa Simpson


Wow. Whew! And Woohoo! I’ve worked with a lot of intuitives, but no one has EVER connected so quickly or so deeply as you did, Lisa. In under two hours, you helped me pinpoint my business blind spots, identified the power projects I should focus on, and helped me create a lasting connection with MY Source Code of Success!

Lisa Steadman


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