What business leader doesn’t want to make faster more informed decisions?

As a professional business intuitive + life leadership strategist, I understand the passion and the stresses that come with running a business. Being an entrepreneur is often a scary, lonely and sometimes overwhelming experience. You’re expected to have all the answers, move the needle forward in your business, do it all, know it all AND deliver successfully to both your team and your clients. It is not surprising that sometimes you might feel overwhelmed and find yourself lying awake at night looking for answers.

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Using my clairvoyant insights, I have the privileged ability to look into your Soul’s purpose and its goals and how we can weave them into your life mission. I also see your past, present and future and how it all looks from a business success perspective. With my gifts, I can quickly identify the blocks and fears that are holding you back from your own success. My clients rave about their new found passion, vision, focus, productivity, new relationships with money, successful relationships and new found self-trust. If you are not interested in wasting time, you do not have the luxury of making mistakes and you are ready to pay attention to what the soul of your business is trying to tell you, then I suggest you start with my Business Breakthrough Session (BBS).

If you are fed up, need support and know it is time, then read on…there are three ways we can work together: the one time break-through, the Dig in Deeper and the All Access Pass, which are longer programs where we share a mutual commitment to your business and its prosperity. Let me be straight about the longer terms programs, I’m looking for the fearless. This is not for you if you are not ready to be all that you are meant to be. You must apply for AAP programs to ensure compatibility, a lions drive and soulful sincerity because it is a 6 –12 month mutual commitment. These programs are designed for the savvy entrepreneur who wants to see results and will not stop until they do.


Business Breakthrough Session: This is a potent 90 minute one-on-one consultation where we will wake up, shake, uncover and resolve any of the following blocks as they relate to you and your business:

  • What is holding your business success back. Is it you? Is it a business need that you do not see, is it timing or the people you are associating yourself with?
  • Where is your inner fortune and how to get it out of you and into the bank.
  • Answers, strategy and guidance for the stressful burdens that may be keeping you up at night.
  • How to prioritize your list of projects and goals so that you make the most of each and every one of them.
  • Ways in which you are currently “showing up or not showing up” in your business and how this could be having a negative impact on your business abundance and growth.
  • Which of your current and potential partnerships are congruent and which ones are out of alignment with your success and need to be flushed or restructured.
  • Where your personal beliefs may be limiting you and how to tune in and shift into a positive mindset about your business instead.
  • The parts and people of your business that no longer serve or support you.
  • Exciting new business ideas and game forward planning.
  • And so much more!

During this session, you may also be guided to do some release work on old behaviours, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms using my transformational tools.

“Let me be honest, I know many of you are ready for way more than just a breakthrough and you have come to see what I offer because you are a leader, a visionary, an A-type Soul and a badass and you want it now. You know this mystic mentor will push you, intuit for you and bring it all forward so you can dig in and create business abundance through strategy and soul based leadership development that will be most fulfilling to them. Let’s truth talk, if you know this is you and you are ready to get on an accelerated track, see how we can dig in deeper, book a discover call so we can talk about the hows and bring some blast off into your business soul successes.” Lisa

Dig in Deeper: 90 Days of Business Success Strategy

This is a 90 day journey of business strategy success building. It starts with a half day; which includes planning, projecting and forecasting for your business development. Then we move on to the One-on-One Mentoring Sessions (3 x 60 minute per month for 3 months). Plus email support* for homework, questions and follow-ups.
Want to know more about this 90 day business strategy mentorship?

Find your Fierce with the VIP: This is you and Lisa full throttle, this is having your own secret weapon an intuitive demand this program allows you to have Lisa on your team and use her for any area of your life: Business + love + transformation; we will tackle it all with fierce focus. Feeling a big yes for Mastery? Get more information and set up a call with Lisa to apply.

Note: Space is limited for business building. Applicants must be approved before beginning to make sure they are a good fit. This is a 6-12 month mutual commitment. Lisa will be available for your business needs with YOU as the SOUL point of contact. Mutual confidentiality is guaranteed and taping of sessions is prohibited.

Your Soul and you are the greatest of all partnerships and here is what you need to understand about why…there are some crucial truths in regards to building a successful life and business, you are a co-creator in your life and able to collaborate with your SOUL – the higher aspect of yourself to make amazing things happen. In doing so you allow for an acceleration in momentum and the kind of clarity that will bring your goals into an easier transition and manifestation.

When you are not aligned with your Soul everything seems harder, less fluid and intuitive, you might feel unclear, uncertain, locked up or blocked up and the road ever so foggy. Being whole is about living all you are and meant to be as a person, Soul and co-creator of your life. This is what I see as the unlocking of your miracle self the creative side of you that is able to manifest miracles. When all of you is aligned and the higher aspects of who you are a part of your daily decisions and actions, they become a grounding influence on your outcomes in an unshakable way in the world. Your confidence and courage will skyrocket and your inner peace will rise.

In order to have a business that is aligned with your deepest dreams and higher-self standards and values, you have to first know what they are and practice taking action to deepen them into your being and your life every day.

Having a business that serves you at its highest level means that you must stand in who you are. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or are getting ready to create a signature program, write a book, launch your gifts into the world, you must develop your spiritual and emotional strength in order to manage unpredictability and uncertain climates. It is essential that you become skilled at managing your energy, being deliberately productive and systemized, able to say yes to support and help, stay motivated, handle frustrations, and overcome the challenges that come with saying yes to yourself.

Manifesting has expectations and creational demands, in order for you to double or triple your wealth, you must step into this new version of yourself by dropping old stories that do not serve you any longer. Finding soulful clarity so you can become the masterful you that commands greater abundance and happiness and who stands in the power of their own faith and fierce confidence.

The Soul is the center within you, it pulls all things toward you like a magnet, the people, situations, supporters and inspirations that are designed to be in your life to propel you onward. Your manifesting Soul is like the sun it holds its own galaxy and in this case that is you, your life, your mind, your body that are that galaxy.

This is where I come in to help you grow into the you designed for your Soul to showcase itself through. With forensic digging and enlightened understanding of what you have been manifesting in your life positively or negatively, we can then consciously shift out what is in your way, and expand what is already aligned with your prosperous life.

We must nourish ourselves, our lives , our businesses and our dreams with our own light. It is then that we begin to live our missions, dreams and purpose. It is within this place of soul-self awareness that everything starts to take root so it can grow.

The work I do is a uniquely enlightened cocktail filled with powerful results. These results are attained through truth talks, soul seeking, consciousness conversations connecting, envisioning, clairvoyant digging, deep dive discussions, imagination, inspiration, intelligence, intuitive insights and actionable advice. As well learning essentials such as; your ability to manifest, energy shift work, intention setting and visualization, soul goal sessions, prosperity positioning, tapping into the power of the soul-self and its true vision of your life and helping you become your greatest supporter through inspired interactions and strategic solutions.

The most important awakening for you to have is that you cannot attract what you are not ready to receive. You must become the person you need to be in order to create the business and life of you and your soul’s desires.

I am honoured to know that my clients call me their secret weapon, the truth teller for the Soul and that our work together is “a profound awakening and realignment for the true self”, “a transformational trip that brings wholeness and inner acceptance”, “an awakening into a deep and profound longed for freedom” and “like speaking to a soul whisperer who hears me fully and completely yet sees the path before me and guides me to the routes I must take to succeed.”

It will be my greatest honour to help you if you are called to this type of enlightened and evolutionary business building. Please reach out anytime if you have questions for me and my team. Lisa xxo