Intuition is a creative experience and when we start creating that relationship with our internal GPS there are things we need to know that we will find challenging.

Here are a few of them to consider and relax about. After a life long intuitive channel trust me I went through all these too.

  • Being patient with yourself while learning how to communicate with your INTUITION.
  • Mistakes are ALL part of the learning process.
  • Allowing your self to be wrong and learning from it.
  • Getting in touch with the parts of yourself that block you.
  • Not being swayed away from your INTUITION based on outside influences.
  • Being committed to building a relationship with this part of you.
  • Having courage to trust.
  • At times it’s hard to know what you know, but want to deny it-about life, yourself, those you love.
  • Trusting INTUITION and your ability to hear it.
  • The difference between Imagination and INTUITION.
  • Discipline of daily practice.
  • Understanding there are many ways that INTUITION will talk to you.
  • Being Responsible.
  • Letting Go of Control.
  • De-align with Limiting Beliefs.
  • Having Faith in the Unseen.

Just remember to be relaxed about it and know it takes time and your discipline and decision to devote for success to happen.

Lisa xo