How can we apply Intuition to our professional lives? This is a question I am asked very often. Too many of us are tuned out, working by rote, just getting through the day doing what we think is the best we can do; like we’re fast asleep. We need to stop what we’re doing long enough to be still. Fear is another factor. We’re afraid to speak up for ourselves, afraid of change and all the unknowns in life. These fears limit our potential and can drive us into the ground.

How do you begin to not only trust your instincts, but to also hone the skill, making your intuition reliable for everyday decisions?

A good place to start is to apply a set of principles that will allow you to enhance the quality of the way you approach each day. For instance, be open to new possibilities.

Sometimes all it takes to be open to intuitive insight is to be willing and inquisitive. Question your assumptions. You may feel stuck because you have the wrong ideas about something so challenge your thoughts. Change your perspective. Try looking at a problem from an entirely different perspective for innovative solutions.

We spend so many of our waking hours with the people we work with during, therefore, these relationships are vitally important. Understanding the dynamics of your work environment is KEY. Using Intuition to assist you in day to day affairs is a great ally in dealing with challenges.