Imagine feeling this each day with each person you meet:

I think you are important.

I think you matter.

I think your life mission has meaning.

I care.

What do you need?

How can I help you live in your abundance?

I understand how you might feel.

I know you are hurt.

I know you are wounded.

I know you are struggling from unworthiness too.

Let me make a difference.

Let me up-level your mind.

Let me uplift you.

Let us stand and rise.

I see your Soul and if you look for it, it will make you feel a little bit better about who you are.

If we stop feeding the ugly beast of unworthiness and stop fighting against each other and instead own our responsibility to healing, we are going to impact each other in a positive way. We will be in another place and state altogether. It is not easy to do but you have got to work for your worthiness.

As a society we have to work for our worth. We have to work to change the way we are thinking and behaving with each other. It’s incredibly important because we are going to a place where we are destroying each other and destroying ourselves. People are destroying themselves because they don’t feel good about who they are, through addiction, self-destruction, aggression, all sorts of things. We have created more dark corners in this world than I can even stand to see. We are doing horrible things to each other because we feel terrible about who we are and that’s the bottom line.

It’s time to change your perspective today. Work for your worth. Work to destroy this word in your life. It has no meaning. It’s not true.

Find the value in each and every person that you touch.

Find value in them and then abolish value and turn it into, “I see the soul in you”. No matter what you are doing right now, we are connected as humans, and we are connected in spirit. From here we can look at each other and rise up into a new place of energy, a new vibration and a new place of thinking. I can drop the things that are causing me to be a part of the unworthiness problem and work for my worth by stepping into this whole new place inside.

I hope to help whoever is suffering from this problem because I know exactly how you feel. I also know how hard I had to work to feel worthy and to understand that it should not exist in our world in any way shape or form. If somebody is hungry, we should feed them, not say that they should starve because they deserve what they are not getting. People living on the street are human beings; they were somebody to somebody. They were somebody’s son or daughter. They are each an important person. They are part of us. They are part of the whole. They are the soul that belongs to the soul community. We are all connected. We have to change our perspective.

I’m asking you, incredible, tribal, soul-seeking, amazing human beings, to start with that and then rise up a little bit higher. That’s how we can change this world.

We have to do it personally and then start to share it. And from sharing it, we start to abolish this way of thinking; and that’s the work. Drop this deserving, drop this value, drop this unworthiness and lets start to put in: “I see YOU and you matter. You don’t matter because you are hurt, you matter because we come from the same place.

Sending you tons of love and appreciation.