Motivational Speaker, Professional Intuitive, Soul Specialist

Lisa Lajoie is a high energy captivating speaker who is compassionate about bringing positive change and healing into the world. Her focus is powerful and life altering. She has been connected to the spirit world since she was born. Lisa focuses on the deep, inner connection of the soul, which can be powerful and life altering for the listener. She helps people connect to their angels, spirit guides, higher power, and receive messages from passed loved ones. Lisa helps people connect and heal their inner soul and guides people through transitional times.

More than anything, she has an amazing story to share. And through her story, she can help others grow, move forward and simply feel connected and not so alone in the world.

Lisa didn’t always tune into her gifts, in fact, for many years, denied its existence altogether. This resulted in darkness in every area of her life. Because of her own personal experience she has the unique perspective and ability to relate to everyday struggles and circumstances. Using her own life experiences, and spiritual abilities Lisa has helped thousands of people find purpose and strength in their own lives.

Sample Programs

Lisa can speak on personal spiritual transformation topics and business intuitive topics, making my radical truth telling perfect for nearly any audience, and customized speaking topics and programs are available.

The Power of Your Soul Learning to realign with your soul’s purpose to ignite a life of happiness and fulfillment. Discover the reason your soul chose you.

Intuitive Intelligence for Business
– Understand and learn to use your own intuition as a tool and powerful guide to build a profitable business and lead you down the road of abundance. Accessing and using your Intuition puts you in a position of leadership which allows you to create the success you want, make leading edge decisions, avoid overwhelm and overcome adversity.

Transformational Tapping – The Tapping Technique helps people take charge of their lives, handle their emotions, open up their manifestational potential, release stress and overwhelm, heal inner wounds and shift limiting beliefs. In this talk you will gain a tool to take you from mediocre to masterful. Using modern methods to skyrocket your life’s happiness is key to a successful and abundant life.

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Transformational Truth Breakthroughs

Lisa LaJoie, business intuitive strategist, brings her revolutionary brand of training and transformational truth breakthroughs to the stage, helping groups of all types awaken to their innate gifts, talents, intuition and personal strengths that when activated bring an acceleration of life successes.

Utilizing her lifelong gifts of heightened intuition, Lisa is a dynamic force who consults and trains entrepreneurs, executives, companies and one on one clients in the development of leadership skills on communication, empathic and intuitive intelligence in order for clients to development more happiness, efficiency, acceptance and natural know how which is the ignition of success – in love, life, and business.

Forget motivational speakers; Lisa is a transformational speaker, and those who have seen her work from stage can attest to the power and intimacy of the experience.

View Lisa in action at Lisa’s Media and her Sound Cloud Channel.

Invite Lisa to share her amazing story, be your keynote speaker or deliver messages from the other side for the evening.
Lisa is also available for seminars, events, retreats and fundraisers.

Lisa guides people who are committed to personal growth through life’s biggest challenges. Nurturing, clairvoyant, positive, and creative, she is a master of uplifting others and showing them how to access their own personal power to achieve their goals and life mission. Lisa’s mission is to heal the world by restoring people’s confidence, personal power and introducing them to themselves.

Lisa specializes in……

  • Topics on Spirituality
  • Soul Life Strategies
  • Intuitive and Empathic Intelligence
  • The Soul of your Business
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Tips on overcoming grief
  • The Afterlife (what happens after we die)
  • Inspirational/Motivational story about overcoming loss of relationships, drugs, alcohol, depression and abuse (Lisa will teach you how to reclaim your own personal power within this talk)
  • Understanding the world of energy and energy alchemy
  • Connecting with your Soul Tribe: Spirit Guides and Angelic Helpers
  • Co-Creation and the Laws of The Universe

Lisa can speak on personal spiritual transformation topics and business intuitive topics, making my radical truth telling perfect for nearly any audience, and customized speaking topics and programs are available.

Rave Reviews

I knew of Lisa and had heard great things about her, but when I had the chance to hear her speak in October, I was blown away. Completely captivating, Lisa had the audience on the edge of their seat for her entire talk. It was one of the most memorable highlights of the event I attended. Lisa poured her heart onto the stage and made a genuine and sincere connection with the audience. With soulful nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout her talk, we were left feeling inspired and of course, ready for action! Well done, Lisa! Looking forward to seeing more… and wishing you continued success.
Sarena Miller, Montreal, CA – WE2 The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange
Congratulations AGAIN on your awesome talk on Saturday. You really know how to ‘work the stage’ and keep your audience totally into what you’re saying. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that I only know you as the ‘spiritual ass-kicker.’. Your energy, personality, and total being seem to be exactly the same person on and off the stage. Although all the speakers on Saturday were like that as well, which I guess is testament to Sharon’s ability to put together a group of speakers who really live their message. Anyway, all I can say is, I was SO VERY impressed, and I think that you need to get yourself on a stage in front of big groups more often. You’ve got a great talent for it.
Suzannah Baum,

I engaged Lisa to give a personal development presentation within the Wellness program I provide for employees at Ericsson. Due to Lisa’s vibrant personality and knowledge, she captured everyone’s attention with a superb delivery on intuitiveness, as one of the innate skills we all possess to help guide us throughout our lives. Lisa’s intuitive skills combined her incredible sensibility to understand the depth of each individual is what I feel makes her expert in an area, that’s needed in times of personal and also business challenges.
Sharon Davidson

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