After people have been abused, hurt or harmed in their childhood life experiences they often end up building and developing the idea that they are not worthy. If this is you, the first step is to work for worth. You are going to have to build an unshakable foundation of self-love and self-respect to heal.

It is not important where your unworthiness came from; it hurts and it feels awful that is all you need to know. Someone put that feeling inside of your heart and mind at an age where you could not defend yourself and you eventually believed it to be true and now you have to deal with it. The good thing is that you can have control if you choose to.

The truth is you can whine about your worth or you can work for it. Working to rebuild it will change the course of your life in a completely a positive way. Healing will change the interactions you have with everything you do, say and experience. At the beginning you will have to fight for it and make every step you take in your life about building that worthiness muscle. This is about building the belief system that you have value, you are important and it is time to stop being invisible.

This journey of healing is about going into your past and cleaning up every last piece of that crap and flushing it. It is about abolishing the “I am not worthy” idea in whatever way you have understood and accepted it and plugging in the beliefs that you really want to experience deep down inside. Such as: I am important, I matter, I am loveable, I am powerful, I am here for myself.

There is a new age way of thinking and commanding attention that says deserving is the key to healing, but you don’t deserve anything. I know I just burst your bubble, deserving doesn’t even exist. Deserving is the first step to healing “yes” and claiming of hope. The only reason a person will have to say “I deserve” is because they feel unworthy in the first place. At first this process of deserving is a way to begin crossing your bridge to understanding and embracing who you truly are inside, both good and bad. This is the first step into a new spiritual life of wholeness and self-love and a way to embrace and start to expand who you are fully and completely. There’s no such thing as a person having value in who they are. We are all valuable and wonderful and our value comes from our contributions in life, to our souls purpose and to the purpose of building an enlightened humanity. Your actions give value but you don’t have personal value. You were born and you have a soul, so you are love and you are already worthy.

Someone trained you at an age when you were vulnerable to believe that you have to be what they wanted you to be to have value, that who you are was not up to you, it was up to them. Somebody made you believe that you are not an important and valuable person in their life; what you do for them, how you act, how you behave, how you are contributing to them was what matters and at a level that really makes them feel good as a person. This is not love, this is condition and control because no living being has a price tag or value, humanity made this idea up to control you for their own greed.

I want everyone to abolish these two words – when thinking of any living creature from your self love building – value and worthiness. Life is not about whether you are valuable or worthy; you are either being who you are or you are not. You either believe in yourself or you don’t, you are not sure about yourself or you are, you are trying to create the life you want or you are not, you are responsible for your emotional life or you are not, you are healing you hurts or you are not, you are resilient or you are not, you are living in your soulfulness or you are not. Any of these things are up to you and you alone; deep down inside: do know who you are fully and completely? Do you accept both your good and bad aspects? You can’t hide it you can only ignore yourself, eventually truth comes in some way to reflect who you are; it’s so much easier to just know.

My work for over a decade has been helping people change their victimization ideas, their worth and their value perspective. I help them understand not that they are valuable or not valuable or that they are worthy or unworthy, but instead they are a living breathing spark of the universe and a piece of mother nature and that is the highest aspect of all. This in itself is enough to understand that they are love, they are important and they have a reason. It is then that they can cross the bridge to self-love and the realization that those horrific words have NO meaning to being a human being.

Worthiness is a word that man made up to justify his own pain and for taking what he wanted from others, to justify hate, killing and war. It was a way to justify his own self hate and to the feeling bad about who he really is. The worthiness legacy was created as a human response to the conditions of many centuries of people stepping on each other, of greed being the #1 way that we live our lives. Trying to take from other people what we did not earn or have a right to, trying to get our own, trying to grab and acquire things through greed and insecurity. Somebody had to step on someone else at one point and say, you are not getting what I have because you don’t deserve it and I will take what I want from you because I deserve it. This is how this whole human infection started.

What I care about is what we are doing about it today to heal it, because this to me is the worst human virus of all that makes people justify doing horrific things to each other, animals and this beautiful earth. We forget the basic spiritual and earth laws and fundamental principles of being a human being. We need to understand that there is abundance for everybody and there is enough for all of us, but instead we started to say it is me that matters, what I have, how I survive.

We all know that we can share at a level of love and light that is much higher than any other animal and species. We can share connection and compassion at endorphine increased levels if we wanted, but we don’t. There are a lot of reasons we don’t do that; each person has there own details and experiences flowing through them that prevent them from shifting into love, but that is not an excuse to stay there.

I can tell you from working with beautiful souls like yourself, that all these concepts do is destroy. They increase higher levels of greed with people that already want more and will take from anybody. They turn loving people into angry blamers, they keep us small as a species, they make us destroy the planet, we don’t feed each other and we often don’t care to look at the hurt of people in the world. We must all shift together in order to make a lasting impact of change and an abolishment of this way of living.

Oneness healing is one decision and here it is: “I refuse to think I have more value and worth than you.” If we drop that, if we kill that mindset, if we work our hardest to abolish this whole way of thinking and destroy it completely like it doesn’t exist, it is then that we will rise up into this place of higher thinking and higher expectations of ourselves from a positive point of view. I believe we can heal.

Find the problem you have inside and solve it. If we all own that at a deeper core level we will start truly influencing each other in a positive ways.

It’s your call.
It’s your honour.
It’s your life.
Now own it and live your light.

Soulfully yours, Lisa xxo