Using your intuition for a better life is like planting a tree and nourishing it to grow by giving it all it needs.

I believe that people struggle with becoming familiar with their intuition and understanding the guidance that it offers. Too many use blame, shame and guilt to avoid taking responsibility for themselves; I know this too well because I lived it.

Blame the mom; the fourth grade teacher; the priest. Blame the kid on the corner or the cashier at the store. Blame. Blame. Blame. This is the elephant-sized block that will keep you from using your greatest gift. These low level emotions are blocking you from getting in touch with your gift and being able to use it to your best advantage.

In my years as a teacher and an intuitive, I’ve noticed people avoid me when they’re not ready to hear what I have to say. They avoid me because they aren’t open, nor are they ready to try to listen to their own intuitive insight. They’re afraid of what they‘re going to find. Fear gets the best of them every time until such time their lives get so out of control that facing the fear is better than continuing to spiral out of control.

Your intuition will answer anything. It will reveal to you where you are making mistakes; where things will go wrong; where relationship won’t work; where streams of income will fail; where your projects will not be in the right alignment with what your desired outcomes are. This inner knowledge is fuel to free yourself from whatever makes you unhappy. It has no fear, it has no shame or blame. It can lead you into the right passage for divine success, soul purpose within and strategies for success…if you listen.

Here’s the thing – if you are not able face the hard truths; if you are not willing to go down some dirty roads to get to your truth then you are not going to reach higher potential in life. You will continue on your neat and tidy path of doubt, guilt and shame. You will continue creating situations in your life that are not good for you and that you don’t want. You need to know your intuition is there to teach you and guide from a truthful place without mercy, without taking your feelings into account.

When you use your intuition as a guide through life, you step into a life of choosing and meaning. You become authentic. And, what does authenticity mean? It means you truly know who you are and what you are bringing into the world. Be mindful when you ask for guidance. Be honest about where you are and what you’re willing to do. Use your intuition as a strategic partner in your journey and maximize the true potential of your intuitive possibilities.

And, I know this might sound cheesy but soul success is about being on fire and living your purpose. This can only happen when you are in alignment with your true higher self. Your intuition can help the soul driven part of yourself and it can help all the parts of yourself become joined in the journey of your path. Your intuition can be that guiding part which delivers to you the messages from both sides, so that you can create the right results down the road of your life challenges and your life successes.

I hope to talk to you soon so we can work together to help you create the highest potential by turning on the power you already have inside, to call intuition into your life.

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With great love to you,
Lisa LaJoie