The conversation in today’s blog is around understanding your own dharma, activating your awareness of it and stimulating its awakening within you. What is dharma and desire?  It is a desire that is the most favourable for you and your life purpose and soul-mission. Being synchronized is where your dharma and your human desires are united and align to manifest your true spiritual potential. It is the definition of your highest soul purpose coming into light and where you begin to define your life around it and devote yourself to actualizing it.

Dharma is what you are here on this planet to become, what you are meant to accomplish on your spiritual evolution journey and from the cosmic connection that you are. It is what you have downloaded into this life experience and only you alone must live out. The dharma you are meant to manifest in your own life is something that calls to you in whispers from the inside. It also calls for you on the outside from life with mystery.

The Universe and the Earth will bring the people and experiences into your life that support you to see what your true dharma is. You are meant to make sense of this and be that awakening. When you connect to the spiritual insights that come through as you walk through this life and intentionally pay notice to the little synchronicities, they will lead you to your dharma like a treasure map.

What I mean by this is when you get a feeling or find yourself being called to something greater than you, when you see something in others that they are doing and find yourself with an inkling deep inside that resonates with them., it can be a feeling that washes over you, a pure call so strong that you cannot deny it.

A dharma has a deep pull from the inner core of who you are and it can be big or it can be small, either way it does not matter because it is yours and you are the best person to fulfill it. You have a whole lifetime to figure out how to live it, whether you do it quickly or slowly is up to you. Trust life to show you how you must move toward it.

The most important thing when it comes to dharma and manifestation is to understand what it is that you are called to do. Listen to the insides of yourself and the core of that call. Walk through life noticing what you love, noticing what calls to you, noticing the things that others may be doing that pull you, the experiences that you see around you that tug on you inside, deep down in you. You want to pay attention to all of these.

Ask Yourself:
What is natural for me?
What makes me feel like something is so right?
What makes me feel synchronized?
What makes me feel full?
What makes me feel strong? Powerful? Awake? Alive?
What excites me?
What are the things that I do that pull from the inside?

There are many ways to find your dharma. There is astrologically understanding where your dharma resides in the mapping of your chart, which is something I use. I used both vedic and western astrology to isolate my dharma as I was unfolding and growing as a person. This was and still is an important tool for me to understand what I am called to do. There were answers to the questions I had around being a clairvoyant and being a person that can see beyond the 3rd dimension and experiencing from a 7th and 8th dimension.

Astrology helped me become grounded in my dharmic reality, it helped me feel the connection to my insides that were able to map out how important it was for me to become that spiritual medium teacher. To be that clairvoyant medium that was called to give more to people using my gifts. To guide others to make sense of their challenges and struggles from a practical position. To take my insights and turn them into actions that would lead others into their own joy and happiness and the fulfillment of their dharma.

In my practice I get asked this question quite often: what am I here to do? What am I meant to do? An important concept to integrate inside is that your dharma is already calling to you. It is something that no one else can really measure but you and it is very important to understand yourself. To make sense of the things that are reaching for you from the different layers of who you are, seducing you into seeking so that it becomes clear to you what your dharma is.

When it comes to auspicious desires and dharma, it is important for each and every one of us to experience the awakening that an auspicious desire can bring. When your desires are aligned with what you are meant to be, live and experience in this life dharmically, without resistance from beliefs or subconscious fractions, you truly can react to life from a place of flow. Flow meaning from a place of sacred openness reacting to life with ease, mystery, and surprise as the unfolding happens in front of you.

When we do not have resistance to our dharma, it becomes easy to live. The issue for many in finding their dharma is that there is a lot of clarity work to tap into and often our dharma is filled with challenges inside of our life experiences that need attending to reach its goal. That is how we become ready to learn our lessons.

Desires are constantly activating inside you, some of these desires will reach from inside and create movement towards your dharmic experience. Others will lead you to no man’s land. In layman’s terms, you must be able to create the intentions that will support the outcome of your dharma living.

There are many ways to do that and many experiences that will help you dig in to the truth of what you must become in order to live your dharma, be open, pay attention, ask the question…what is my dharma? This is the first step for those of you beginning and becoming awakened to this concept. Accept that you have something very masterful to do, that is really important to live from your co-creative and conscious reality. You landed here with a dharmic path and now it is up to you to understand how it all comes together.

Know this, you have a dharma.

You have a reason.

You have a point for being here.

You were chosen as a human being in your body and in your flesh, your personality and your character to live it out fully.

Lisa xo