I wanted to talk about your energy and how your energy is either uplifting others and connecting with others or it is not. In your work and in your life you are either sending out a signal that is conducive to the results that you actually want to get in your life and that you want to make happen or it is working against what you want to make happen.

The most important thing is to have a clear vision of what you want to make happen every day, in other words, how you want people to associate with you and how you want them to connect with you.

Do you want them to understand that you are a powerful being?
Do you want them to feel your friendliness?
Your kindness?
Your compassion?
Do you want people in your life to know that what you say, you mean and what you mean, you say?

In your business do you want clients that are really able to see how amazing you are in an instant or do just want friendly clients that are kind of dependent and constantly need your help?

How you show up, how you shake peoples hands how you look them in the eye, how you communicate, the depth of our voice, the seriousness in which you interact with others or not….these are all influenced positively or negatively by the energy you are putting out.

So here is my challenge!
What signal do you send out? Will you do use on how you want people to feel you?

Here is how you observe: look at other people’s reactions. How do they respond to your presence and your energy? Try not to wonder what they are thinking, rather what they are experiencing when you are interacting with them. This is how you can get a clear vision of the signals that you are sending out.

Try not to judge, just observe:
Are they excited to see you?
Are they happy to see you?
Do they feel standoffish?
Do they feel your power?
Do they have a lot of boundaries?
Are they aware that you are really happy to see them?

Think of the energy that you send out when you look them in the eyes, when you shake their hands and when you communicate with them. Have some fun with it and see how people respond to you when you try different things on: try being friendly, try being powerful, try being opinionated.

Make sure you are trying the things that are true to who you are, do not try to be something you are not. Try all the different aspects of who you are and see what reactions you get from those around you. I’m daring you to go find out!

Lisa xoxo