Dedicated to a special woman in my life I will forever miss…Pat Skelly my beautiful great Aunt.

I accept very well death is a natural process of life yet so often it is confusing because it comes to us when we least expect it.
It also comes to us when we expect it.
It comes when it’s Divine time.
It comes when it’s totally feels like the wrong time.
It comes when the soul is done here on earth.
It comes when we want it the least.
It comes as a surprise, one that is not welcome but has a season and a reason.
It comes as part of the ongoing journey of our life.
It comes as the ending spot of the the human soul’s life.
It comes as a teacher.
Not matter what, it comes to all of us, waving its mysterious hand into our life without reason.
We hide and don’t wave back.
We run.
We regret.
We resist.
We hurt.
We fear.
We pray.
We grieve.
We push it away.
We fight.
We cry.
We surrender.

But sometimes what we need do instead is know the soul has to go back home and we must embrace this willingly and release them.

You see death is the way which we get taken back home to our creator. It is the Soul’s way of saying thank you to YOU for all you have done. We completed what was needed and I’m grateful to you, for the road we’ve travelled together.

Losing someone you love is not a by product of anything. It’s the natural course of life, when all things come together and life is done it’s job the soul has set its course to the next destination into the light. The problem sometimes is for those of us left behind the pain is insurmountable, the sadness unconquerable, the pain of loss feels like it will never end. It rips us apart into small pieces we have to collect later on if we can ever muster up the energy and the strength for that.

Understanding the journey of grief can be turned it into a state of Grace. Yes it can. Seeing the Grace of grief is a way to help ourselves. Finding gratefulness and celebration is the gift our loved ones deserve from us and a way to honour that they have moved to the next place on their Soul’s path.

The challenge of death for those of us left behind is to learn to live again, depending on who the person was to us I know from my own experiences that this may be a long long while.

The spiritual solutions to this grief, the answers to the way back to peace, is to embrace the cycle of life and its natural course and the experience for us left behind that comes with it.

This doesn’t take away the pain but it helps make it bearable.

Somewhere along the line we said death was not okay in our social world, in the old days it was a celebration of someone’s life. A passage of dignity and respect, this is how I try to think of death with as much Grace as I can muster up.

As a psychic medium I understand death doesn’t really exist, but many of you may not feel that way, which I honour and respect. Your beliefs are yours to decide but imagine if death really is only a passage into the next destination, the next stage of the soul’s journey into flight. That just feels so much better for us humans to consider doesn’t it?

I share this with you as I have lost one of the most important people in my life over the weekend, my great aunt Pat, my grandmother Eileen’s sister who I loved with all my heart. She was my special soft place to fall when I was growing up and for years to come.

Aunt Pat and me.

She was an example of family life I never knew except with her, my Uncle and my cousins.

She was an example of what true love looked like with over half a century of love with my uncle.

She showed me what true family devotion and dedication was and could be.

She showed me laughter and love in all situations even in hospitals, always positive.

I always felt loved and welcomed in her heart and life. This is not something that can be replaced, only honoured. I have so much gratitude for her and her love and I will try to emulate this part of her in my life always.

She meant the world to me my auntie Pat, her heart was so good, her mood was always amusing, she was grateful beyond what anyone could imagine, she was fierce and yet always positive, always seeing the goodness and one tough lady of light. She survived cancer a few times beat it down with her emotional and mental fist and with her family’s love. A true survivor of great Grace and I will always, with all my heart miss her so much, as I know her family will too.

Today I celebrate my auntie Pat for all her years she loved, she lived, she laughed. For all she left behind in the hearts of each of us. She was the last woman in my grandmother’s line and I know those special sisters will together continue to love us from the other side.

On this earth forever she lives in my heart and she lives in the heart of her entire family and everyone she touched. I know you probably have someone like that to and I want you to know I honour you and deeply respect your love for that person.

I pray for you and I hope you pray for me and for her family, that we find the grace to celebrate in a time of pain all that she was.

May we all be blessed with the grace of learning to celebrate someone’s life after death.

Much love,