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Now that you know what to do and what questions to ask your Soul, you need to measure yourself by checking in to where you are at. Use your current relationships to measure how good you really are. Ask what else you can do or how you can take what you are good at now and start contributing to your connection with your own soul or with the universe and start implementing the same practices there. Ask your soul “what do you need from me today? how can I serve you?”. It takes practice to get really good at making the connection and understanding how source will talk to you, but it is the same as a real relationship. It takes practice to hear what your partner is truly saying without telling your partner what to do or taking what your partner is saying very personally. It is hard to say “I am going to sit here objectively even though I hate what you are saying, I do not want to hear it, I do not like it” and listen.

You have to really work hard at the stillness inside and at being very deliberate about your practice of talking to your soul. There is no reason why you cannot sit and talk to your soul every day. People who ignore that connection are scared; they are scared of what the bigger source of information that will come through will say. It is easy to talk about it fluffily, but it is not easy to live it because the requirements are very different. You have to elevate yourself much higher, you have to build discipline and muscles are are potentially difficult to create. Are they worth it? Absolutely! Because then you really become a co-creator. You will not be like everybody else waiting for god to speak. God is saying “I’m waiting for you, let’s go! I did not send you down there to be my slave, I sent you down there to co-create, what are you doing?”

There are two things I teach: The universe is not here to tell you what to do and you are not here to tell the universe what to do, which is how so many people interpret co-creation. The law of attraction completely misinterprets the whole the thing by saying that the universe is going to give you what you want, but that is not how it works. The universe is not going to give it to you if you do not deserve it, it is not in your vision or if you are instilling slavery instead of co-creation. Co-creation is about knowing what you have to do and asking for help in how you get there, how can you serve at the same time and what is needed from you. That is co-creativity. It is very different trying to control everything in your little bubble.

You have to make a decision. I recommend starting with your connection to your Soul and start practicing every day. Take five minutes a day, sit down and ask your soul “what do you need from me?”, write it down and let it brew during the day. Be open to the work because if you do the work, you are going to get results. If you do the work and stop the work, you are not going to get the results. That is really personal, but if you want live on another level of co-creativity and mastery, you have got to learn that aspect and be part of it. You have to have a strong bond and a strong relationship to build that trust. You have to learn to listen and stop asking. You have to learn to silence yourself and ask “What do you want? What does this message mean? Why is this happening right now in my life? How is this happening right now? Am I creating this? Who is creating this? Are you creating this? What is the lesson?” You are asking very responsible questions that are very scary for most people to ask because they do not want to hear the answers about how messed up they are.

Personally, I love seeing how messed up I am because I get to change it. I was a very broken person, but the effort I made makes me who am I today. It allows me to talk to the universe at will. It is a really personal experience, but do not expect yourselves to get results without getting fully engaged. It is the same as any type of relationship; if you give half, you are going to get half. The juicy part of it is that the universe has way more to give you than any human being has ever given you in your entire life. The universe will provide you, just like life and earth will provide our bodies, with way more abundance than anything else in this planet can. We have everything we need, if you walk around the planet, it has way more to eat than a grocery store. It is the same thing with the universe. There is so much more than you can ever imagine. If you do not start, you will not know how much is there. You will not know how much more strength you can have, how much more creativity, how much more faith, how much more security you can have inside, how much more power you can generate in your life or how much more you can contribute. You cannot know if you do not have that connection. Those are the things you miss without have a strong practice.

If you really mean it, do it. It does not mean anything if you do not do it. You have to build the muscles to change and build the relationship. Measure how you are doing in six months from now. First make the decision, what do I really want here? And then see how you are doing and if you lose your practice, it is so good because we can measure what you are losing. You can understand what you are afraid of when you look back, see where you slipped and why you stopped practicing. You can check in on what happened, you can see what was going on and you can change it so you become more co-creative. You cannot be in your mind, it has to be in your heart and in your actions.

So let’s see you do it!

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