Practicing the act of spirituality for self is the most minimalist approach. Living for the universe consciously and asking the universe what it wants you to do; digging in to how you can serve, how you can be of greater service is what you need to be doing.

How can I develop my super powers?
How can I do more?
How can I live my purpose?

These are the questions you need to ask. Being connected builds the muscles that allow us to feel comfortable moving into the parts of us that have bigger expectations of how we can serve even more, how we can share even more in the world and how we can stop living under a rock.

It is all a matter of what you want. If you want more, then you have to build relationships with all the layers of yourself. The human in you is the lowest level, it is the lowest vibration. After that is your Soul, your higher self, your higher consciousness, the universe directly, your guides, angels, masters, the earth, the energy, the soul of the earth, the planet, the animals and the different galaxies…the range is huge! There is so much energy out there that you can work with and you can tune in with if you choose.

If you ask the universe for guidance it is much scarier than if you ask a pack of cards. It is much scarier because the universe might not be so kind. It might be very direct and clear that you are not living in what you are supposed to be. Most people look at the universe like this instead of co-creating and saying “bring your crap here, I am not afraid”. It is a very different world when you crack yourself open and decide to co-create with the universe and say “what do I need to become to be that person?”. People become afraid and stay small because they do not realize their potential to co-create.

Our co-creative potential is enormous, it is the difference between an Ellen or an Oprah and a person on a podcast. They are all doing the same thing, they are talking about some kind of teaching, but Oprah was willing to say “universe, let me serve you in the highest way. I am willing to be all that”. Ellen, same thing, “I’m willing to put myself out there”. Many people dream about being Oprah, but they stay really small because they are afraid to be that person and build that human quality that can allow them to go there. They stay really small, they do not connect to the universe and they do not connect to their highest soul who is going to tell them that they have to do way more than what they are now if they want to accomplish that goal.

After you have the goal you need to learn how to accomplish it. Your faith is the building block to your comfort level to build the bigger section, to contribute more, to be more, to share more and to elevate yourself. If you want to live spiritually, you have to develop that relationship. You have to tell yourself that you are going to stop playing this little game of spirituality and that you are going to cross the bridge and build a relationship with your spirit, with this earth, with your soul, with the universe, with you guides. Tell yourself that you are going to get direct access and that you are not waiting anymore and you are going to be the co-creator of those relationships. You will notice that you will treat this relationship the same way you treat the rest of your relationships. If you know how to dig in and be intimate, then you are going to be really good at it, if you have not learned how to dig in and be intimate in your personal life or if you are a person who is controlling, complaining or playing small in your relationship you are going to do exactly the same behaviour in building a relationship with your soul and with the universe. If you build a spiritual relationship, it is going to help you in your human relationships. People who are self-serving, self-preserving, insecure and worried about the little things in their human relationships will do that with the universe too.

Check in next week for part 2 of Co-Creating with the Universe.

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