First off let me start this post with a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate the true meaning today on this December 25th, 2016.

This day is recognized as the day a Master of light was born. People say many things about Jesus based on their own perspective and interpretations. For me I feel many of those people don’t really know what the truth is of this day. If we think about it we only hope those that came before us were able to document this historic life time accurately, but we don’t really know exactly what happened nor do we know what piece are missing.

What I do know is this….

For me some ideas that are shared about Christmas day and its deep meaning and value feel right to me. Such as the need to celebrate and remember a master who shared the meaning of LOVE and Healing as Jesus is showcased in the religious world. To honour the many masters of light who have walked this earth before my birth and to the many light masters who are among us now by globally taking a moment to think of them, celebrate their teachings and integrate even more the enlightened meaning of this Life makes sense to me.

I have a funny story for you of a time when I was young in my Orthodox Church with my father who was a Christian Orthodox Arab man and my mother who converted for him but was raised a Roman Catholic. (Doesn’t that say it all) Back then Father Joe was our priest and I had to go to church each Sunday and learn the stories of Jesus. Well I confess many of the teaching never felt right to my heart and at 7-8 years old I remember clearly this knowing deep down in my heart…that if Jesus was a man teaching of love who sacrificed himself for our wickedness was really LOVE, then why were there so many conditional rules I had to follow to receive that love.

I used to stare at the big statue of him all bloody on the cross on the wall as I sat in the second row of church after Sunday school and I remember I started to get very uncomfortable with the man interpreted teachings.

prince-of-peaceEven then I was channeling energy as a medium and could feel, sense and know Spirit and I just knew a lot of this I was learning was just not truth. So at the age of 8 I started to shout out in Church when something was said that made me really uncomfortable. Yes, really I would shout out things like “NO” “thats can’t be” “not true” I remember it like it was yesterday. OH it didn’t last long my parents went nuts on me but I told them I didn’t believe what was being said, and that I knew Jesus was love not all these other things being preached to me. Love was different to me and what I was learning didn’t feel right as it was humanized in my little 8 year old heart. They finally let me stop going because I became such a pain for the teachers who I constantly challenged with WHY is it like this? That can’t be true? Why would love be like this or that? Why Why Why do you say Jesus is like this or that?

(This art work is created by Akiane an incredible young lady who has a story you will find so touching, filled with Soul, Spirit and Love about her moment with Jesus worth reading about.)

Today I honour all masters because in the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations which in effect brought about great enlightenment to be shared with the masses. This feels right to me I don’t have to limit myself to one belief I can appreciate them all.

Whether I believe or not is irrelevant because I’m a spiritual being by nature believing all religions have a place for someone, and that they are divinely created for direction. With a purpose to help those who are looking for a way, a way to hope, meaning, guidance and goodness. People are the problem we can turn anything into what we want to justify our actions. We are the danger to any religious beliefs, the religion in itself is not dangerous to us our need to justify is.

December 25th is a day when we celebrate a time when a great teacher of love was born, a master of light for some and something quite negative for others. Either way remember humanity can distort anything and turn it into a horrible image so today you can choose join me today and just connect with the many of us who are thinking and focused on LOVE, KINDNESS and of GIVING and leave the rest. There is a huge community of people in GRATITUDE today and sharing LOVE with sacred family and friends that is what we need to focus on together.

So no matter what you believe in I send you LOVE, KINDNESS AND GRATITUDE for taking a moment to read my post and for being here with me in the stillness of LOVE. Let it light your heart up and fill your being with all that you are.

Much Love,

If you want to know what this thing is you are celebrating read here: What is Christmas !