Lately, I have had many people reaching out and asking me for feedback why getting a coach would be a good idea for them. They struggle with the huge amount of new coaches out there today, many of which are not really skilled and they have been disappointed in the past and are seeking intuitive guidance from me. As many of you know, I am a clairvoyant coach and what I do is help people everyday in their business and personal life in a very uniquely intuitive way.

Let me be honest not everyone can handle being seen at this level of energetics like I can see them. I would not want it any other way, but many people are not ready for the acceleration I offer in transformation. In my interviewing practice one of the first things that I do when people come to see me is ask them what transformations they are really ready for and what they want to manifest. If they do not know the answer to either of these questions then I know they are at risk of picking a coach by just grabbing on to what they are being sold versus interviewing what they will truly attain from the coach directly. Without knowing your goals it is going to be very hard for you to find the right coach because you are not going to know who is the right fit for you and your desired achievements.

When you do not know what you need, where you are at, what you are actually ready to accomplish or invest in, how much time or energy you have and what your goals are, you will be attracted to a coach’s marketing language versus practical reality. Unfortunately, sometimes marketing language is a bunch of bull when it comes to what you end up getting so you must be careful.

There is a big trend of hiding in social media that a lot of coaches who are brand new do, they are not telling the truth about who they are or how much experience they have and they are pushing fear points on people. They are throwing a dream at you that you are excited about hopefully having happen — making a lot of money really quickly, organizing a structure of your business very fast and having turn around in five minutes. The truth is building a business that is sustainable takes a lot of time and experience. You have to think realistically, you cannot just plug yourself in to somebody’s program and turn yourself into a money machine if you are not ready, willing and knowing what it is that you are wanting to accomplish with the courage and confidence to do it.

Before you pick a coach, sit with yourself and ask:
What am I ready to accomplish?
What are my goals?
What do I wish I could achieve at this point in time in my life and my business?

Then, make a move forward and start to assess if the coach you are thinking of working with is the right fit for what you are looking for or spend time talking to the coach directly ask for an interview. Do not just jump on board. If they will not talk to you, please walk away. In the interview tell them where you are and see if they will be honest with you. See if they fit what you are looking for and what your business needs at this time because different business coaches are ready for you at different positions in your business development. In order to determine if they are the right fit for you, you need to know where you are in your business, what you have established, how long you have been working, what kind of experience you have, what your dividends are, what kind of money you want to invest, what kind of energy you have to invest and what kind of clients you want to go after at least at a basic level. A good coach will already know this and work with you to answer those questions.

You may not be ready for a specific coaching like implementing sales funnels, but you may be ready for the branding development, the system you have to create or just getting yourself out into the world and getting some experience. A great coach will tell you the truth about where you are and what you might need such as work for a very low price just to get some testimonials and people in the door or get out to networking meetings and sell yourself to get the experience that people will respect and appreciate. You might have to do things you do not like and do not want but they are mandatory – hustle means we do not know what we have to do to attain experience but we must do.

In today’s world everything is moving very quickly so I wanted to tell you take your time and to not just listen to what people are saying in their marketing while seeking a coach. See what you need, where you are, what you are ready to do and invest in before you start jumping into paying large amounts of money to a coach that is throwing at you that they are going to make you tons and tons of money very quickly.

99% of people have to work, they have to hustle, they have to get to know people, they have to put themselves out there, they have to get a vibe and a reputation to get those referrals. Once they have that reputation for good work they have results and those results are what get other people talking. If you hire a coach from a marketing point of view, you have to think about what position you are putting yourself in. If you do not know the person, you have never worked with them and you are going to start working with them at a way over your budget cost…rethink it, be sure, reevaluate it. It does not make any sense for long term success to even move yourself forward in your plans that way. You have to make sure you will have the time, money and desire to go to the next levels.

I just wanted to give you some points on how to think about choosing and hiring a coach so it is easier for you to gauge if you are really ready for it. Take your time and stop rushing toward quick fixing. Remember to honour your investment in you by being patience, being practical, being smart, taking your time instead of throwing your money away in big investments because anybody promising you they can turn your business around in 5 minutes is offering a falsehood.

Respecting yourself is just an intelligent thing to do, so take your time and write down what you are ready for and then start looking for a coach that can help you with what you are ready to accomplish. Remember, evaluating how much time and energy you are going to put into your transformation is the most important and interview the coach’s you are considering. Finally talk to somebody you trust who can give you good advice about what your next steps before deciding.

Have a wonderful day,