“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” ~ Albert Einstein

When people say, “I’m following my intuition” they fully believe they are. How, then, do they still end up in difficult situations. They wonder where they went wrong and think “Damn that intuition of mine!” This happens over and over again because, as the Einstein quote above suggests, we are not accustomed to trusting and using our inner gift of intuition.

Before you can possibly trust your intuition, you first need to be sure it is actually your intuition that is guiding you. Let me explain further; we all respond to situations using signals from our various response centres. The heart is emotional; the mind is rational; and the gut is intuitive. What source you use is entirely up to you, but first you need to know how to listen and process the information from each source. In turn, your life will feel less confusing and the journey through its ups and downs will feel less challenging. As an added benefit, the more experience you have distinguishing between your heart, your mind and your gut, the better you become at making choices that are right for you and that feel right!

True happiness – long term inside-out happiness – has nothing to do with money, material possessions or status. We all know this. To use rational thinking we need to identify a situation, assess the criteria, weigh the pros and cons and then decide what to do. This approach is extremely useful for deciding whether to buy the red convertible or the black hard top. It is also great for deciding what movie to watch, restaurant to dine in or what book to read. But, these daily choices do not bring long term inner happiness. The decisions you make using rational thinking will give you short term happiness; something we all strive for, in order to better enjoy life.

Decisions based on intuition are decisions that come solely from within you; from an inner knowing that does not pause to rationalize or take the time to answer the 5 W’s. For the important life changing decisions, we want our intuition to talk to us. We want help from our internal compass. It is not rational, methodical or logical. We need this help to choose who we want to marry, what job to take, whether to have children, etc…

To use intuition is to sense or know immediately, without all that reasoning. It comes from the gut. Intuition is not the same as worry and fear or hope and wishful thinking. To use our intuition, we first need to be able to distinguish the difference between intuition and other pokes from our reasoning, whether from heart, mind or our subconscious. If it is truly your intuition that you hear and heed, you will never go wrong.

It is important that you evaluate and measure your results and you really cultivate the habit of checking and verifying any kind of guidance that you are assuming is an intuition. People often say they are intuitive but they are not actually being guided by a higher vibration. They are being guided by their own instincts and they are misinterpreting their instincts for intuition.

“We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

The voices in your head speak louder than the whispers of intuition. When intuition roars, the voices shout over the whispers. Please, please, please, stop; take a few breaths and let your rational mind (the voices that poke holes in your peace of mind) serve your intuition. And let your intuition serve you. Intuition works faster than reasoning and happens on an unconscious level. Its end result comes into our awareness through somatic signals and emotions. Gain intuitive mastery and use it to enhance your rational thinking process.

Much Love,