As the year comes to a close we have an opportunity to let go of what has not been serving us and make room for transformation and self-expansion. But, this will only happen if you change your mind about a situation you are living or a block you are having. You may not realize, but you have way more control of your mind than you think.

Your mind is a reflection of your inner workings and once you make the decision and commit to overcoming yourself, the whole process becomes much easier. Trust me. Your mind has the capability to move fast and can rapidly change from a NO mindset to a YES in an instant and the most amazing thing is that it will have a ripple effect on your inner reactions.

CHANGE your mind + CHANGE your perception = CHANGE your life.

It is as simple as that.

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for the new year and facilitate change to happen:

  • Start by slowing the pace of your life all the way down and listen to what your inner world is saying about your life situations. Then, begin to look at what you want in each of these situations. What can you choose to improve these life experiences?
  • What is it that you do want to celebrate? What have you accomplished?
  • Banish doubt by reshaping your inner mindset and choose to begin the magical manifestations you have longed for through creating plans and strategic actions.
  • Have faith in knowing that your Soul will give you courage, power and enlightened strength to do whatever it is that you are destined to do. You are and have all the limitless possibilities of this life.
  • Choose your soul path now. Repeat this sentence: “I will soul self-discover. I will not wait. I will do.”

Becoming more is about you and your Soul connection. There is NO ROOM FOR DOUBT. Giving ourselves the permission to change, takes all our might. Think of it as an extreme sport, we have to play hard to win. A person with a deep self awareness and commitment is UNSTOPPABLE.

To start opening up your Soul powers now you can…

  1. Download this free guided meditation I have created so you can get right into the journey with your Soul
  2. Do something that makes you feel connected to yourself. Hike, take a bath, nurture your belly, watch a great movie, get inspired reading a book, practice a sport you love.
  3. Activate your light by starting the journey and committing to your own evolution no matter what it takes to change. Even a small decision is a beginning.
  4. Grab my 2019 Yearly Intuitive Forecast. If you are serious about making a change for 2019, this is a great opportunity for you. These forecasts will get you in sync with creating the best for the coming year and get ahead of any challenges you might face so that you feel safe and prepared.

There are infinite opportunities for you to stand up and change. The world needs your light right now…I mean it. You are important and you have great value. Your change will make a change for all of us. Start now with a decision that will open up the flow and allow you to move forward one step at a time.

Much love,