My beautiful Soul Tribe let us talk…

There is a deep hunger for personal freedom, soul expression, abundance and ease, among us all here in this little tribe, and across the world quite frankly.

We all long for connection, love, creativity, and liberation. We feel the responsibility to tend to the task of building a world that works for everyone around us. We believe in life and business as a soul path. We also want to fly higher into happiness, some by building a foundation of wealth and prosperity, some by loving our beloveds, our planet and making a difference in a higher calling.

And yet, when we pursue these desired successes on terms that are not our own, we experience great pain and discomfort within. Our joy gets lost in the daily grind of stress and we don’t have enough time to just be and focus. Too many what feel like are obligations, grab our attention, zap our energy and leave us feeling empty instead of fulfilled.
What’s important to remember is at every stage of life, we are offered challenges that are gifts from Spirit and life. To remind us who we are, and what we stand for and to help us meet our own needs and of those in our lives and businesses, with a full sincere heart. We matter, and we need to accept this idea that without us our life is empty and without our directed attention, our life is lost.

To honor our soul desires even when they seem to contradict what life wants is not a bad thing. What does that mean? It means we must stay true to ourselves, to be open to playing full out with life and spirit. Your Soul has a path to fulfillment that is perfectly designed for you, and you are the keeper of this path.
The foundation of soul success, in both life and business, is presence, powerful commitment and devotion to the practice of your spiritual life. When we’re deeply connected with our soul, we know what’s right, and actions become fulfillment of our truest desires.

With honour and gracefulness we are able to connect deeply with the life that is truly meant for us. When in flow and perfect harmony we live with purpose, on purpose with a powerful sense of passion for manifestation. We are unstoppable. We become the light of our own life.

Remember the realistic success you long for, must be anchored in clear intention attuned to your soul’s desires and needs.

The definition of soul strategic success is as individual as we are, and it will evolve and change over time as your soul continues to grow and expand. The more you expand, the more you allow your life and your business to become a soul evolution that does the same.

Bringing your soul into your life and business is an enlightened way to life your best life.

Much Love,