I want to talk to you about something that comes up in many of my sessions with clients that I believe is essential in creating change in your life. Your self-esteem is the base of how you create change and attract the things you dream of in life. It is as simple as this; how can you expect to have all the things you want out of life if you do not think you are worthy of having those very things?

The way you think about yourself, treat and talk to yourself has an effect on every part of your life including how your vibe is perceived by the Universe, life and people. This is very important to understand because it influences you on a few deep levels that affect your daily happiness such as:

  • Your thoughts.
  • Your ideas.
  • Your feelings.
  • The decisions you make.
  • The friends you choose.
  • The person you marry.
  • Your education.
  • Your income.


When you look at the level of your own self-esteem from a global angle and how it affects everything inside and outside of your life. It then becomes clear how important it is for you to hold yourself in the highest light otherwise you can be sabotaging your chances of meeting the partner of your dreams, making the kind of money you want to make, or working in a career that you love. When your worth is low and you continuously tell yourself you are not enough, you become unable to see when you are presented with opportunities to have all those things.

There is a universal, eternally human question that people ask me all the time at critical points while coaching with me.

Am I worthy? Am I enough? Do I deserve?

I want you to know this; the answer is always “YES!”. When a person is not connected to their Soul they cannot see that the true Divine worth they have. Your Soul offers the highest self-esteem. Your Soul knows what it is here to do and it knows that it is worthy of having and achieving those intended outcomes. Unfortunately, the human part of us often takes over and denies our Soul’s purpose and belief in us due to negative influences and limiting beliefs that we develop.

To see yourself from the perspective of your Soul you will find a love that defies those negative beliefs and anything that it not your highest truth that you learnt from this 3rd dimension. To turn into this true Spiritual love from your own Soul you must become still and listen to your inner hearts intuition about how much you are loved, accepted and divinely held. Your Soul and your intuition are inextricably tied together; the more deeply you are connected to the Divine, the higher your intuition and the greater your capacity to love yourself.

You may have tried therapy, meditation, hypnosis, counseling, inner work of all kinds from all your favorite gurus and nothing seems to help. Here is my question to you though:

How can you heal a heart when it is filled with self-loathing and self-doubting thoughts? The answer is to bring that heart from fear to faith.

We must get all those damaging thoughts out of our minds and replace them with loving ourselves by getting to know who we are on a Soul level. When you tap into your intuition you feel better about yourself, you find more joy, you increase confidence… well you get the picture. In short, you make better choices and you feel better about yourself.

To find the answers to how to take your power back and build your soul-self-love takes conscious self-esteem building. Without it, you effectively close the doorways to your intuitive truths which guide you to seeing, feeling and knowing the true love of your Soul.

Always be gentle and kind with yourself this prepares your energy centers to receive the messages that the highest Divine part of you is trying to reveal. Learn to listen and feel your Soul’s guidance from an open heart and being willing to grow this will lead you on a magnificent path of self-love.

In order to help you tune in and listen to your Soul-esteem I have created a meditation of my personal practice for calling my Soul to help you connect to yours. I encourage you to listen to it every day and journal what comes up for you.

>> Listen to Calling in Your Soul now.

Every day, in every moment your spirit is trying to love you and it is time to let it happen and live a life inside you; a life that is majestic and magical.

Soulfully Yours,
Lisa LaJoie