A dear friend of mine lovingly pointed out that I was not getting everything I needed as a human being and it had a great impact on me. As a clairvoyant, coach and someone who genuinely wants to see others grow and thrive, I often have wide shoulders that can take on a lot and support many people. What I have learned is that I need support as well and that it is important for me to tell those around me what I need in the way of support so that they can understand me better and show up for me when I need them.

I encourage you to ask yourself if you are getting what you need from the people in your life and also look at whether or not you are giving those you love and work with the support that they need.

Listen to my audio confession about being a good receiver below and please share your comments and experiences with me.

Intuitively yours,
Lisa Dawn

P.S. I would be so grateful if you shared this audio with anyone you believe would benefit from hearing it.