My Powerful SOUL Tribe… the US election can’t break your power to lead.

It has been a hard week for many of you.
The election decision has many of you afraid and concerned.
Don’t you know who you are?
Did you forget who you are because of a country ?


You are brave.
You are pure radiance.
You are soul empowered humans.
You are resilient.
You are a shining example of light and love.
You are awakened.
You are capable of seeing big things through.
You are able to understand the deeper meaning of what has come to pass.
You can learn.
You can rise above and transform yourself for the future for all.

It looks bleek at times because humans are human or is it just how we choose what we see?

Instinctive, greedy, selfish.

There are aspects of all of us to overcome.


We are also loving, kind, capable and giving.
Which one you choose is up to you? Because NO one can tell you what to do now.
Yes you can live in fear, rise above or understand things always change they must refresh.
Sometimes we have to be reminded of what we do not want.
Sometimes people we judge surprise us and show a greatness we don’t every expect from them.
Sometimes we realize there are way worse situations compared to this one, whatever situation you are in now.
I do hear your cries and ask you to stop it.
Get on your soulful road to power and freedom.
If you do NOT go backwards you hold space for everyone to MOVE FORWARD with you. Make going backward NOT an option.
Negative energy can pull you in and drown your power so you have to decide what you choose to move toward.
Will it be fears, love, sadness or joys?
Will you fall into the desperation of others or will you choose your happiness?
Will you be peaceful or angry?
I see your hope.
I see your lack.
I see your light.
I see your judgment.
Let everything go and choose love.

You see darkness tries to cover up light but it is only a shadow cast because of the light itself. The light never goes away as the Sun never dims.

Trust your light. Showcase it. Don’t hide it now or fall into the abyss of the dark shadows of fear and worry and doubt.

Choose powerful Soul living.
Choose positivism.
Choose to uplift.
Choose to rise up.
Choose to be the Phoenix.

Stop all defensive and negative judgments of the “others” in every way.

Increase love instead and being open to positive possibility.

Such as…

“I am not sure of the future but I will put my faith in all those who walked before me to create the freedom of choice we have today. ”
“I trust the people to not allow any one man to move us backward in time.”
“I trust the Universe to help us find healing and more awakening adventures.”
“I will be the trust.”

I know you must feel your feelings let them out and move right on back into the Soul Powered being that you are.
I encourage you to act and control your reaction.
Take the power of your actions into your own hands.
You get to CHOOSE where you put your attention.
Stop yourself from pushing against anything negative and push off the light instead.
Where your energy goes energy flows so choose where you put yours.

You are the creator of your reality.
No one person can take your power from you without your permission.
You are powerful beyond measure.
Own it now and move onward into the future that you want to create.
Be the change, be the awakening you wish to see in this world.

If you find it way to hard here is some help.

Clear your energy with your Spiritual Guides in my guided meditation.

Lets move this energy NOW:

My truth as my name…

I live in an attraction universal understanding.
I must take responsibility for my own feelings to live a sacred life.
My life is one of focused love and compassion.
I must walk my talk each and every day.
I experience exactly what I believe to be true.
I choose to see the Universe, life, mother nature and everything happening in it working for me, not against me.
Things don’t happen to me.. they happen with me and for me.
My capacity to express unconditional love grows each breathe I take.

My mantras

I am LOVE.
I am HOPE.
I am all OTHERS.
I am ONE.

Today and each day forward my Soul family remember to focus your attention on what you want, what you are here for, what your soul desires call for.

Embrace the light, embrace your Souls love.

The sounds of change have been decided. Can you accept, listen,learn and be hopeful, careful and trusting ?

So today, as you begin your day, please join me if guided, in sending love, light and healing to our brothers and sisters, all leaders around the Globe and to all whose hearts are feeling things that bring a downward energy to them.

Pray for them to find an upward mindset and heart.

And Most importantly,
Let us come together always in Unity as change is always among us.
As Ellen DeGeneres always says Be kind to one another.

Soulfully yours,