Have you ever been thinking about someone only to have them call you or even drop by to see you a few moments later? Or, have you ever spent time thinking of the prospect of your future and how you would like it to be revealed and then have things materialize in that fashion right before your eyes?

You may have learned in school or even from individuals with more experience than you that energy is EVERYTHING.

All of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are actually a vibrational force.

Thus, whatever you set your focus upon, will inevitably expand.

As human beings, we can attract whatever forces that we choose.

If, by nature you are a positive person, you will tend to attract more positive energy and likewise, positive-minded people.

However, if you choose to be fixated upon the negativity in your life, you will attract more negative energy and the negative people who tend to absorb the negative energy as well.

It is important to understand that negative energy tends to find, or “partner up” with other negative minded people in order to dominate the space in nature.

But, the caveat it – will we allow negativity to defeat us?

Whatever we focus upon we will expand upon, so it is important to keep your focal point fixed on the positives of life, to receive positive results.

If you focus on negativity you are expanding it.


~If you focus on God you are expanding Source and the power it exudes
~If you focus on Evil, you are allowing it to become more powerful.
~If you focus on Love you are enabling it to reach more individuals and allowing it to expand.
~If you focus the little that you do have, you are not expanding upon the more has been destined and prepared for you.
~If you focus on war you are not allowing peace to reach the growth that it needs to overcome war.
~If you focus of giving you are not allowing the gifts meant for you to be received.
~If you focus on truth you are hindering deception from taking precedence.

The more we understand how our focus point of attraction manifests actual results in real time.

The more we understand how to control our destiny opportunities.

Start fresh today and live with your heart focused upwards and see your end results change right before your very eyes.

With great honour to you on your journey,