Over the weekend I spoke with a very important person to my mom her last husband, I call him my step dad which is a running joke because he doesn’t agree with that idea since he would have been 13 years old when he had me. I always tell him since you are my only remaining parent you are my dad and he laughs. I dated a guy his age so its pretty funny really. My mom went for a younger one (Smart woman). We had such a beautiful talk and I wanted to share some of it with you. Sometimes people want so desperately to hear their loved ones that they loose moments to fear.

I’m blessed to talk with my mom very often, you see as a medium it is a divine gift that I do not take lightly. People often think they know what messages are being given but really they are just making up stories about the messages to make themselves feel better. An understandable mistake when people are in so much pain they often selfishly want to hear so desperately for their own comfort which ends up closing the energy off. Well my step dad he isn’t like that, he doesn’t make up stories if anything he sincerely wants to hear her not for his own personal comfort but for her, for their love, for his heart connection and for hers. It was beautiful to see and hear him talk of this desire and it got me thinking.

That is the key ingredient to hearing our loved ones it is a true hearts desire. When we are opened up in this way it allows our intuition to become clearer with sincerity it makes all the difference when we are trying to access our 6th sense.

I cried and could feel my moms heart in mine asking me to help him hear her as she tries so hard to be with him. His fear shuts him down. Small suggestions help so this is what I told him and wanted to share with you. Here’s what I told him “What I found was when you feel her you become afraid and close down. So do what I do allow the sensation and knowingness to come forward, stop, breathe and ask her what she wants to share with you. “ He got it.

That is all it really takes relaxation and an open heart and learning and validating don’t ever make up stories just breathe into the truth if you aren’t sure of the message don’t try to make yourself guess just be open to it coming back when you are ready to hear. Trust and test yourself don’t be cocky about it or make up stories be sincere and open.

Enjoy your journey of love in every way.

We talked for along time and we talked about how hard her inner life was. How much struggle her and I had and how we overcame so many negative emotional as he did with her too. I was happy to be the validation for him that she knew his love and to tell him he could stop feeling guilty.

Regret is the hardest thing to feel when we loose someone.
Let it go they don’t want you to suffer in anyway.
Love them guilt free tell them what they mean to you they can hear you, feel you and know you from the other side.

Much love and remember you are of light we are all one,