Every day I wake up and ask my soul what it wants me to do and how I can be of service to help it live its experience here to its highest potential. We have an incredible relationship where we serve each other and sometimes the messages are to be of service to other people. This morning when I got up and had my connection one of the answers I received was “why don’t you tell people what you do every day so that they can learn from you how to connect with their own spirits”. I am doing this for my own spirit because it wanted me to tell you about the incredible opportunity you have to make that connection.

I have been a lifelong intuitive and clairvoyant medium, which means that I have always been able to tap in and tune in in a very special way in connection to source energy. When I was a kid I did not understand it, I thought everyone saw the same things as me, I did not get it. Over the years I realized that all that matters is that if, every day, we ask for spirit to move us, touch us and experience through us what it would like from us, from a place of humility, love, strength, sincerity and seriousness, we become an open vehicle for that to come forward to us and for our source magic in our hearts, our spirit and our soul to start to manifesting through our lives the magic that is possible for all of us.

My soul and my spirit have helped me more than anything else in my life. My soul has saved me countless times when I was off track and lost. My light is the direction that I was able to find, my soul rescued me from my hatred. Some people do not understand what I mean when I say that, but I grew up with nothing and I had no one. I had nice parents, but they should not have been parents because I grew up on my own. From the age of five, I was alone. I had to figure it out on my own and I did not do very well because I was already in pain, I was already broken with my self esteem and I was already in the struggle in humanity and deprivation and rejection. I really did a bad job throughout my late teens and into my twenties. At one point, my soul was where I got the courage to change my life, see the truth and be able to acknowledge, admit and confess to myself that I was really doing a terrible job and that I was actually quite broken.

Since that point I have learned that my spirit, the light that lives inside me, is my true source to all my potential. Accessing it everyday has been my number one priority in my life. It is a relationship that is endless and limitless and has the potential to help me, nurture me and is so enlightening and powerful. It is the manifesting magic when you are connected to your spirit because your spirit is part of the universe and your body is part of this earth. When the two of them come together that is when manifestation really happens.

The Law of Attraction exists only because the body and spirit are united in this plane. It would not exist otherwise because it would not have a place to land and show itself to the rest of us. It is so important to me to have this relationship and for it to thrive as much as possible in my life.

The one thing that I do every day is sit and invoke and invite my spirit to be in my day in every way it needs to. To encourage my mind, my thoughts, my energy and my personality to be of service. I ask it what it wants me to do for it every day and today it wanted me to talk about what we do so that I can share it with the world and they can do the same thing. It is the lack of connection that we have today that has broken us down as a society. We do not feel our own soul, we do not feel connected to ourselves, so how can we connect to each other. We have a great potential to connect with each other — imagine if all the ways we can connect today actually came through that source. How much love and kindness we could manifest in this world if we really understood how to do that.

The simple ingredient is this: do not be lazy, sit with yourself every day and invite and invoke your spirit seriously and sincerely to be involved in everything that you do. Ask your spirit to help you be inspired to understand your highest potential and to go towards the actions and the strategy that will make the highest service possible. Ask your soul to invoke in yourself and your body its highest vibration so your body knows how to be of service as well. And then, see what happens! Do not expect that it is always going to happen, instead expect it that it will happen from practice everyday. Through your devotion and your discipline you will be able, in an instant flick a light switch, have your soul be a part of your existence immediately.

Do the work, be the discipline, be devoted and magic will happen for you. Sending you all my heart and encouraging you to try it every day. Let it talk to you, do not try to control it and it will bring magic into your life.