Today I want to talk to you about one of the most important ingredients in our transformation, honesty.

Without honesty as a main ingredient, your personal transformation will be a challenging one with little rate of success. Here is why, without honesty you live in the dark about who you really are and what you are actually capable as a human soul. What is extremely important to understand is that leading with this key ingredient will catapult your success in an accelerated fashion. There’s actually nothing quite like it when you have truth in your mind and heart. It allows you to instantly move towards a deeper sense of acceptance, compassion for yourself and others.

It’s through honesty that we transform from fear and hiding out into the faith and freedom which I believe is something we all want to attain within. When we feel that powerful peace with ourselves, without all the conflicts, self-judgments and ridicule, we feel amazingly liberated and unstoppable. This momentum brings forth a sense of purpose to everything we do and that makes all the difference. Either your life is a fulfilling one, or it isn’t. If you aren’t being inspired by your life, perhaps you even feel like you’ve lost your way, then you’re not in your truth and you aren’t being honest with yourself about yourself.

The challenges is so many of us are stuck in emotional pain and are lacking of self-worth. It’s an epidemic today truly and I see it to be at an all-time high in the human race. At some point in your life you subscribed to the notion that you were unworthy. This became your truth, your blueprint and this has created major conflict within you. The question, “am I enough” might be ripping you apart. We find ourselves in the world around us fighting for feeling deserving and trying desperately to stay afloat of our judgmental thoughts. Trying to run from, or win the battle with who we are, we might even believe that others are better than us. We’ve convinced ourselves life happens to us and not for us and that we don’t deserve anything good in this life.

This pattern on repeat inside of you is doing you no justice, only harm and you must decide to tell yourself a more empowering story. Today. This unworthiness creates a void in people’s hearts making it impossible to love and be loved because they attach a story to all the reasons why they are unlovable and find evidence to support it. When you seek … you shall find. The problem is that they are finding FEAR ( false evidence appearing real ) it’s not their truth, they aren’t in complete honesty about the situation because they are looking at it from their limited lens. Time to adjust the focus people. Addictions. Running. Smoking. Sex. Failing in life. Self sabotage. Giving up on dreams. Feeling hopeless all comes with the acceptance of unworthiness as a truth. It is not. You were created special, and you have an unique gift to give to the world. It’s time to uncover it.

This is where honesty can help you change, it begins with self honesty the more honest you are the bigger your transformational potential. Seeking to recognize your truth gives you automatic chance to change and transform yourself into a powerful being. You may not know exactly what to do to change the thoughts and emotions of worthiness, BUT through self honesty you take a masterful step forward and out of the limiting cycle of unworthiness.

It’s actually really easy to tell yourself the truth because it’s already in your heart and mind. Think about it, it’s you fighting yourself on this. There is only one you, and it’s you fighting with your own self about who you think you are or are not. Ahhhhh, amazing right? So how about trying to live rent free in our minds for awhile? How about we decide that honesty has a place in your life and allow yourself to ask truth questions instead?

What do I really feel about who I am?
What are the things I like?
What are the things that I don’t like?
Do I feel unworthy of anything?
What am I willing to do about it?

Your old life will cost you your new one. Because once you know the truth you can’t unknow it.
Taking time to self-talk and explore what you’re running away from will allow you a moment of grace, where you can sit with yourself and your own truth and determine that you are worthy of a solution. It is in seeking of your solution that you will instantly feel a sense of your own worth and THIS will be life altering. You will learn one of the highest of spiritual values, honesty, and you will uncover it’s great power. You then will start deciding easily without struggle no matter what you will not lie to yourself.

You see, the reality is, you already know the truth, you’re starting at it every day in yourself so turning inward is easy. You just have to stop running away from it. If you find yourself feeling unworthy stop for a moment and listen to your true self talk. What makes me crazy is that if anyone in your life spoke to you the way you speak to yourself you wouldn’t tolerate it, you’d walk away from them and cease the friendship, so stop tolerating it from yourself.

Honesty in any area of your life brings about great transformation and sometimes only with yourself at first because truth is a tough pill to swallow and some people just aren’t ready for the antidote. Truth telling = freedom.

Isn’t it time? Time to end the war between your ears? Time to choose to be grateful and honest each and every day because it’s life transforming, and totally fun by the way. Imagine feeling awesome everyday and empowered because you gave yourself the permission of choice and you set yourself up to win? You choose to be powerful enough to allow the contrast that only honesty can bring to show you where you need to go next to create and achieve your dream life of prosperity and abundance.

I was inspired to share this today because my own life transformed before my eyes when I got honest, with myself and those in my life over 20 years ago. They say that writing stuff down helps us remember, well talking and dumping out all our unworthiness improves your ability to believe a new story at a potential rate of 70%. Who knows, you might inspire someone else to start telling the truth about themselves too. When we heal, we all heal. That’s the way it works. When you’re honest, others find the courage to get honest themselves.

Being honest is truly the first step to finding self-love and making transformations that’ll last a lifetime.

May you love yourself today and always, and may you find within the courage to see the truth as THAT is the beginning of everything transformational.

Much Love,