All too often we allow ourselves the excuses to not step into our own personal power and we end up sabotaging life experiences that give us the opportunity to grow. Excuses such as: “I’m not able, I’m not worthy, I can’t do it, I’m scared to think about the consequences of my actions, I’m nervous to get started, I’m not sure what to do, what if I fail, how can I make it happen?” People live with these thoughts inside them on a daily basis and it prevents them from taking full actions with love, with sincerity and with integrity around the stuff that is in front of them.

I wanted to have this conservation to show you what you can do to get into a place where you bypass your reaction and go straight to a place of true mindset mastery. If your mind is in a certain position and you want to make sure that you bring a stable feeling around your actions and step into a place of power and clarity about what you are doing, there are a couple of things that you can do.

Checking in on how you are thinking about the things in your life is a great first step.

I recommend you dig into things like:
“Am I showing up to the best of my ability to the things that are in front of me right now?”
“How can I be a more positive influence in the situations that are in front of me right now?”
“What is motivating or catalyzing this to come forward to me so that I can learn from it?”
“What am I mirroring in my life that is bringing about this situation?”
“Am I being honest in what I am doing?”
“Am I being responsible in what I am doing?”
“Am I stepping into a place of true integrity and responsibility in my actions in such and such a situation?”

It does not matter what situation we are talking about, it matters that you think the same way in every situation so that you are able to see your actions clearly and the cause and effect of those actions. And remember, doing nothing is just as big of an action as doing something.

Experiencing sabotage, as an example, by just doing what you feel like doing without overviewing or checking your feelings can be problematic in your path to success. As people, we tend to be selfish by nature because we are built a certain way to survive, like the animal kingdom. Selfish sometimes means that we are just a little bit too concerned out of what we might be feeling or what will come back to us, which causes a ripple effect because we become afraid to take action to step into a place of the things that we believe in.

In the end these reactions, these choices that we make from the realities that live inside of us (pain, unworthiness, insecurities), have a ripple effect in our lives in an extremely negative way because we lose our power, we lose our integrity and we lose what we feel is the right thing that we have to do for our own selves. We miss opportunities of stepping into a place of making sure that we preserve the things that we love and that we want versus throwing them away because our bad mindset is responsible.

When you treat people in a way where they know they can trust you, that you are thinking of them and overviewing how your actions may hurt them or cause problems for others, then you are consciously aware. It puts you into a role of objectivity, authenticity and can really make you think better. Being in this mindset can make you change the course of your actions because you are not just thinking about our own personal feelings, you are thinking about how this will influence everybody else. This is a true place of consciousness. To live this way means you step into your power. Understanding how you influence yourself and others is very important in conscious living and co-creativity. When you do not recognize what you are doing, then you can have the things that you do not want in your life versus the things that you do want.

This also bridges over to manifestation. If you do not know what you are manifesting then anything that you are manifesting is really based on self and selfishness and you will not care about how that might influence other people. Through this type of action, you might manifest the wrong things versus the right things in your life. You might manifest conflict because the creator has to show you that what you are doing is not the right way to go. It is very important to keep an open mind and view yourself as a person learning and growing and if you are in the right mindset for your actions to be clean and clear as you move down the road of your transformations and successes.

In order for you to make sure you are in the right mindset, here are my 3 Keys to Step Into Your Personal Power:

  1. Make sure you are consciously clear about how you are influencing yourself and other people.
  2. Make sure that you are making your decisions from a solid place. Ask yourself questions like:
    • Am I just reacting?
    • Am I just running away?
    • Am I creating sabotage?
    • Am I clear about my intention?
    • Have I taken time to think about what I am going through?
    • Have I thought deeply about my actions or am I just throwing anything out there and seeing what flies back at me? Sometimes that is not good because the wind will just slap it back in your face. You have to be conscious that what you are throwing out there has a boomerang effect if it is not positive. When you are trying to manifest things to come towards you, you have to be clear about what you are trying to manifest.
  3. Make sure you are clear about what you are trying to create in every situation that you are in and being accountable and responsible for that.

Finally, remember that how you show up is important in every single way. Be particular about what you are creating and what you want to manifest in your life to be that higher level rockstar that attracts everything you want to take in your heart, mind and in your life and translate it outward to others.