I wanted to share some inspirations related to an intuition workshop I did in Morocco recently about how important it is to understand how intuition works in your life and the different practices that you can do to be more intune with yours.

Interestingly enough, the biggest problem people have is knowing how to ask questions, who to ask questions to and where the answers come from. One of the main strategies that I teach people to do is to keep it really simple. Some people are really gifted they just know what they know and it is easy, their intuition works inside, easily and naturally like the snap of a finger. Other people really have a hard time trusting the journey of knowingness and hearing their intuitive guidance and it becomes very stressful for them. It can be difficult to figure out what is true and what is not true related to the question.

One of the teachings I did in my workshop is that intuition is a portal of information. There are 3 main keys to remember:

  1. Ask for what you are really ready to hear answers for.
  2. Ask the creator, ask the universe for guidance. If you are not sure about who to ask, go right to the top.
  3. When you are not sure about the answer and you are not sure if you have clarity, ask about whatever your subject is for a couple of days in a row and wait for answers.

Sometimes we take time to receive and sometimes it is hard to hear and other times life just takes a couple of days to actually give us the guidance. Each person has intuitive guidance in different ways. Some are clairvoyant, some are empathic, others learn from life showing them what to do next and the directions come from life experiences. It is very important to keep it very very simple at first when you are learning about your empathic and intuitive abilities.

I wanted share this little tidbit because I know it had some value and that is important to remind you to not be stressed. Stress happens because you are so worried about getting it wrong. My answer to you is that you will get it wrong. Intuition is like a muscle you have to build so it is ok get it wrong it does not make a difference. Just keep trying and you will know you got it wrong because the actual answer will come to your life differently than what you actually thought was true.

When it comes to practicing getting intune with you intuition, know this:

It is ok to make mistakes. It is ok to learn and grow. It is ok to figure it out. You do not have to know everything. All you have to do is explore and experience your intuition so that you can find out which way you have the strongest insights and now it comes to you.