New Year’s is here again and we have an interesting opportunity to overview our goals for 2018.

As a spiritual mentor I’ve learnt that resolutions don’t really make the change, but they do get us focused and determined if we create ones fired up with our passions. The main thing to remember before making goals is nothing changes unless you choose to.

I think about my future now, mind you I do that all year round, and I ask myself what’s next? What’s missing? What do I need to learn? What are new and interesting goals? What are my dreams? What else can I do to serve?

What I want to invite you to do differently this year is ask your Soul “what do you want me to do for you? What do you need to make happen this year?”

The definition of an incredible life is a Soul based experience where all of you counts.

You + Your Soul + Your Life!

The decision to be all of what you are meant to be is life changing and you no longer think of only you. You begin to openly and deliberately care about your higher aspects, and especially about your divine self.

I know my entire life improved when I did this. It opened up wide and far and I became a living Soul, not just a human being walking around like everyone else. I became the light too.

When our desires come directly from the Soul, it truly opens us up to our purpose. We gain wholeness and a new feeling of great comfort, self confidence and clarity when we are aware and connected to our Divine self.

It’s easy to SAY your goal is to find your purpose, exercise more, eat better, read more, grow your business and make big changes this year, but when you find yourself nowhere new your actions don’t change. You feel disappointed, like you can’t get any excitement going and you wonder what happened.

I have an idea of what you might be going through. There is no Soul in your goals. What has happened is your human being decided what is next all on its own and that looses steam and….when things get hard, it becomes easy to give up.

Let’s do things differently this year. Why not add a little spirit into you Goals.

Take time to contemplate and really ask your Soul these questions. I recommend you journal with intent. Remember to be still with this, take a few deep breathes, close your eyes and connect quietly with yourself. Even if you don’t know where your Soul is, it is totally ok, you can just relax and be open. Your Soul knows where you are so don’t worry.

What do you want my Soul?

What do you need?

Soul what do you want to create and do this year?

Big questions need focus and time so as the year comes to an end put time aside and ask yourself these very important questions. Focus deeply on this as the new year comes forward.

Choose something new that you will you do for your Soul this year.

This is how I focus and this is how many people I guide find their clarity by getting out of human ego mode and moving into Soul mode.

So as the New Year unfolds, I encourage you to create goals with Soul. Opening up that courage within you and finding your goals with commitment and collaboration with your true life partner… your Soul!

May this year bless you with grace and love and a deep meaningful connection to your Soul and all the gifts life has for you.

Soulfully yours,